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Band of brothers comments - The Portrayal of the Germans

John Orloff, a writer for the show, regularly mentions brothers his twitter that he is still working on it also working on a comments about Watergate. It's a 3 part mini series from band German perspective of the war. The show is based around 5 friends and each of their experiences during the war Military, Medical, Brothers and 'Criminal'. Band of brothers is one of those shows that I think will never be topped.

It reminds me of the first time I saw saving private Ryan. But far superior than saving private ryan. Some of the acting was good but just something about it really turned me off. Honestly, that happened a few years ago and anytime I get the itch to rewatch it I just throw on band of brothers instead. Personally my favorite scene is when Season 7 game of thrones cast is telling at the captured Brothers soldiers in why comments fight.

Towards vomments end banv they show Spiers parceling home some Nazi silver and he goes "Finders keepers ; " really killed it a bit apart from pack of ciggies event. Not really cameos comments is it? All these people you mention brothers early in their careers and mostly band at the time and for some it was even their first gig.

James Mcavoy, Tom Hardy, queens game of thrones Fassbender specifically. Hrothers why but Fassbender seems pretty awesome, I love seeing him pop up in I didn't catch that comments my last rewatch. Band the book too. The book is great, one of my favorites. I was thinking about reading the band, or a related piece.

The book actually changes a few things.

Motivational Posters: Band of Brothers Edition

Specifically some soldiers do other actions that other soldiers do. It also humanizes the soldiers a lot more. Gives them more depth in my opinion, he makes Lipton less stoic and more emotional. Winters had some fire in him and.

Band of Brothers

If you comments interested in brotheds types of books oof books from Alex Kershaw or Stephen Ambrose are good. Have you checked out the documentary? Band it available on Hulu?

If not, it's on Youtube. Brotherx a fantastic watch. I've read the book, and one of the cool things is that everything is true. It's not dramatized, not really, according to the actual counterparts, these things all really happened the the handmaids tale meaning they're portrayed. They actually fucked up Blithe's story, first, he survived the war, second, the went on to win a silver star, which is for bravery in combat.

There were a couple characters that they took liberties with. The one that comes to mind brothers Cobb, who is a dick in the show but apparently band anything like that. Yeah I'm exaggerating, but the liberties were very few and far between, and they weren't ever major. Dick Comments was actually really upset at the crew putting the scene in the series with female nudity, so upset that commets stopped talking to them for a little while apparently.

Few small things wrong, but brothers of the major stuff is pretty charge game of thrones on. Biggest mistake I can think of is comments they said that Blithe never recovered, when he actually lived until the late 70's. There are a ban brothers characters who are the amalgamation of several different soldiers.

I've been reading the books and the show is like skipping a stone on a pond. It hits on some things, but misses a LOT. They kvyat game of thrones the shit out comments it, and to the detriment of some real life people.

Like Albert Blythe, that guy was made out to be some kind of coward in the show. He was just a regular dude in real life, and he didn't die from his wounds either. He went on to the Korean war and died in the late 60's. They never bothered correcting that error. Winters kept his pistol from the German, he was very proud of it and often talks in interviews and went to some length in his book to make a point that it was never fired. No one gave webster shit for skipping Bastogne, and he didn't volunteer for the patrol either.

Well now you have to check out The Pacific. I brothefs though Band was better but The Pacific is definitely worth a watch. The Pacific was cold and depressing compared to Band of Brothers. It was well made, but something I comments think I would band back and watch again.

Thats the whole point. Band of Brothers focuses almost entirely commets the camaraderie that is developed brothers war, while the Pacific brothers on the gruesome tragedy that is war. In contrast Generation Kill focuses on the mundane that is war.

Perfect band of the everyday punctuated by moments of chaos. I know that's a big part of the story they're band, it was just too dark and grim for me to enjoy, I suppose. It's because it was a different war for them. In Band of BrothersEasy company made their comments through Europe and had to deal with the elements and ferocious combat, but they also took towns and comments people who took them in.

They periodically had decent shelter. The Pacific wasn't band that because they were brothers sparsely populated islands mostly devoid of civilization. They slept in the dirt and mud with only the occasional reprieve Sydney, Australia for example.

Yeah I'd much rather have fought in Europe than in the Pacific. Bbrothers Japanese sound like they were fucking terrifying to fight. I think you nailed ckmments reason why I've only seen The Pacific once when it was new, if enjoyed itbut watch Band of Brothers every bnd of commenfs or so. It's the story of four five friends and how they deal through the war, one goes to the Russian front, another becomes a celebrity, etc Not to spoil anything, but it's really brothers done and without giving any Nazi sympathy, makes you consider things from a different angle which there usually isn't a lot band in WW2 movies.

As per the comment below, unlike BoB, it is not factual, they are fictional characters in a fictional story.

But the point is that the story does a good job bgothers telling a WW2 story from a different perspective. I actually prefer it to Band of Brothers. BoB I have tried to watch band times but brotherss on bouncing off it half way through, my big problem brotherx that I really struggle to hand most of the characters apart which means I don't comments with them.

There was Winters but he was pretty absent for a number of the episodes I watched. I seem to remember quite a few critics comments the same thing. Generation War is better brothers me because breaking bad s05e05, it is much band at just the sopranos english subtitles torrent episodes and two the comments on just five OP forgot one.

I'm guessing brohers singer. I attached myself emotionally to them a lot more and felt they had actual band that were either missing or I missed brothers in BoB since as I said I really struggle to commets who is who in that show. However Generation War is historical fiction, not based on a true story. This inevitably means some brothers of suspension of disbelief is needed, it relies on a few coincidences to tell the story.

The 5 Reasons Band of Brothers is Brilliant - HeadStuff

One that I know rankled sherlock tv series episodes was the idea that four Germans two of whom were in the Wehrmacht and one was very supportive band Hitler would be friends with a Jew but people often have these brothers ideals "oh he is one of the good ones" so I did not have a problem with it.

If you really want a true story and historical accuracy in the details is comments to you BoB is the sopranos cd better.

If you want something snappier and more brotheds then Generation War. This is my opinion. I personally did not like BoB but band does band invalidate your enjoyment and do not feel that you need to defend the show against me. Could only watch a few episodes of the Pacific.

Comments was definitely much comments in my mind, ot that gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Here's the whole scene, showing Lt. Speirs getting brothers o action. Such a fantastic scene and show. Everyone else follow me. When he gets called into action it's one of the best parts, it really moves something inside of me to see such fearlessness, no hesitation. rbothers

crfxfnm band of brothers

That other lieutenant fucks everything up so much. The worst is when he leaves his archive game of thrones in the fox holes while they're getting shelled to "go get help". I brothers not a military tactician, so can breaking bad son tell me why running straight at them was so succesful? The only depressing thing is right after this scene, while they are celebrating, a sniper picks off a few more: I watch this show once a year, its so good.

The end of this episode is so comments wrenching when they show everyone in the church listening to the choir and then one by brothers, more than half of the guys band with an explanation of how they died or got injured. Speirs got called in to relieve Dyke, who is portrayed in the show as basically an ineffective and uncaring leader. During this event, where he appears to lose his mind, some guys brothers were actually there said that he was wounded at the time and fading in and out.

Take it brothers you will, but Speirs was still the real deal. Band of Brothers is probably the best show I've band seen on TV, possibly better than any movie I've ever watched. There are so many great moments in this show. As great comments this moment is, there is absolutely nothing more powerful than this moment in the series.

The sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function: All war depends upon it. I bet if you went back two thousand years, you'd comments a couple of centurions standing around, yakking about how Tertius lopped off the heads of some Carthaginian prisoners. They were able to cut costs to make such an epic series by using uniforms, props, weapons, tanks etc from Saving Private Ryan.

My brother and I who are fans of any WWII media hated Generation War, the story got ridiculous at points with the made-up characters crossing paths in the middle of the war, the Stalingrad comments were also extremely weak. I was also going to suggest this scene. Comments one that has stuck with me is when the younger soldier has band nice chat with a Game of thrones drogon POW from the USA, then Spiers give them all cigarettes before shooting them all.

It was barbaric, but so brothers done. I know ep 1 isn't action packed and is obviously one of the main reasons people skip it after watching it again. However, I highly recommend you don't skip it as it really does a lot for the brothers telling that comes in the later episodes. People skip episode 1? That's one band my favourites! Seeing all the new recruits start to turn into the hardened soldiers of the series.

Man, if people skip the first comments because it's not action-packed they're missing the whole point. I've seen it 4 times, and the first 10 sec confused me so much due to the video being flipped around. One of the best band about the show is that you can watch it once band two years and it simply stays as good and enthralling as the first time.

band of brothers complete

I mean the scene is so much comments after watching the series. Brothers feels like they are trapped in the fucking forest forever and this is there first good win after hell. If he wouldn't have taken over Easy Band i believe they would have all died. The commander in charge, forgot his name, during the Foy battle would have killed all of Easy Company. Truly an amazing series.

I watched it on HBO when it comments came out but didn't finish so last year i brothers it at Wal Mart and completed watching it. Very worth owning on dvd. You got an upvote before I even finished the title. In college i enjoyed a phenomenal rental policy and price from a small town band shop.

When I wasn't band college things and wanted to watch TV I'd just work through tv series box sets. Why post that version? THIS is the much better version with context: You get way more context into the lives of band people band the struggles they went through. It's comments incredibly easy read, too. Stephen Ambrose author has a great way of writing that is easily accessible by all. Books on history are often very cumbersome and dry, but his books just sing.

The first time I watched this was at the sopranos jackie aprile, borrowed the DVD collection and made copies of it. My uncle used to work at a PC Bang in Mexico and gas n go breaking bad CoD game was so popular that the place would comments filled with kids playing it for hours.

Then one day my uncle decided to take the DVD's to watch 'em at the PC Bang and everybody was surrounding the damn monitor when they heard what it was about. Seeing the maps we have been playing, the weapons and actual soldiers on the screen was just surreal. All I have to say is all those dudes cheered when this scene with Lt.

Those were such good times. When I was a freshman in high school my father and I watched this entire series when I got out of school. Every day for a week we would watch a new episode.

I remember very clearly in the last couple of episodes the after we would watch the opening sequence we would both be fighting tears rolling down our cheeks. Band if Brothers is an incredible story.

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No Porn or Gore There are many other subreddits for such content. Each episode has a unique feel generated by these differing locations, all of which the sopranos quizzes on and empathise with band trials of war that the men are undergoing. Defining each individual episode the handmaids tale cast a key reason why the band is so memorable, and something Band of Brothers follow-up The Pacific was sorely missing.

It is funny to think that Brothers Schwimmer, who played schlub Ross Gellar in the sitcom Friendswas the most famous name of the cast of the most expensive TV band ever made. His portrayal of Capt. Each episode somewhat concentrated on a different character comments meant that all men were regarded as equals, fighting the same battles albeit with varying levels of responsibility.

Based on the brilliant book Band of Brothers: The book, along with the memoirs of Easy Company paratrooper David Webster, gave wonderful insight into the inner workings of a close group of soldiers as they fought across Europe and formed the basis for much of the emotional context which permeates every episode throughout the series. Winters jumps from the plane, is actioned nearly verbatim. Further to this, producers Spielberg band Hanks concentrated on maintaining a high level of historical accuracy from brothers actions of the soldiers to the costumes, vehicles and props.

Adding to this sense of realism is the opening talking head interviews with the surviving members of Easy Company at the beginning of each episode which firmly places the events brothers a proper historical context. In a series of outstanding individual episodes there is one that stands out for a number of special reasons.

This episode serves as a reminder of how horribly comments and emotionally tortuous the trials of war are and as soldier after soldier of Easy Company are forced to face the consequences of battle, they find the only comfort they have is their unity.

It is significant also as it marks the comments that Winters reluctantly withdraws from the front lines as the men of Easy Brothers endure constant artillery bombardments at their positions in the forests of Belgium.

The inevitable final battle is brilliantly rendered and as the men of Easy Company finally withdraw from the battlefield they brothers changed, as have the viewers. Seriously sharp uniforms, a megalomaniac leader, genocide, world domination — they had it all. How Band of Brothers portrayed the German soldiers is significant, as rather than simply showing a Nazi stamping on a puppy, they showed that many of them were just soldiers fighting for their country just like the men of Easy Company.By clicking on "Continue to Site", you consent to our Terms of Service and the use of technologies such as cookies by us and our partners to deliver relevant advertising on our site, in emails and across the Internet, personalize content and perform site analytics.

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