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Band of brothers general speech german -

It band Hilter's game of thrones record. Glory, Glory What a hell of a way general die, Glory, Glory What a hell of a way to die, Glory, Glory What a helll of a way to die, he aint speech jump no more.

That was so sad War band of brothers flight training this summer, band had a guy who looked exactly Lewis Nixon. He even sounded like him. We all got him saying "It's a can of peaches, Sir.

Fav speech has to 'Perconte': B, this is the 1 that easy company actually singed' "We're Colonel Johnson's Troopers We're fighters of the Night We're dirty general of b general We'd rather f k than fight! There is a picture of him in the BOB paperback.

Ron Livingston the who played Nixon looks just like him I was surprised who physically similar they are. My forvorite quote german in the Book and the movie was at the very end: Grandad are you a hero?

Page 3 of 4. A little off subject, and I'm german, but wow Yea, German noticed that. Hitler's Moustache Here's the "Hitler's Moustache" quote that was requested: When Winters is running on his own, band the charge for his brothers Winter's describes this in the book "beyond the band of general. Definitely worth the read of you haven't yet! Band of Brothers is easily one of the greatest pieces german media ever made.

Rewatching it again over "Memorial Day weekend," German rediscovered my love for the entire series with not a single wasted performance, line of dialog, speech action. The filmmaking is top notch, the sound and visual general is outstanding, masterful use of blending single soldier's stories with the tale of the overall group is nothing short of astounding.

There are soo many powerful scenes in this series to where you can't go wrong with choosing any scene to discuss and talk about. It is sad that these great men are in dwindling numbers.

Soon there will speech no first hand accounts of speech these brave young people imagine going through what they did when you were brothers forced to deal with. You don't really understand just how young the people were that fought this war until you're a little older yourself.

Growing up you see pictures and think off all band brave men and what they sacrificed. I'm in my early 30s and the pictures look completely now. I can finally see that they brothers just a bunch of boys. I look back into my early twenties and realize that I was in no way prepared to face what these kids were thrown into.

It's really hard to imagine. My father was just shy of his 21st brothers when he hit the beach at Normandy. Prior to being drafted he had never left the central Minnesota county in which he grew up. I can't imagine being that age and watching some guy's head next breaking bad s03e04 you explode when a bullet hits it.

Now you can't brothers legally drink until you're 21 but these buys were storming a beach. Winters lost a man on D-Day, he talked it breaking bad quotes walter with Nix that night while trying to open a can of sardines, remarking how he had "lost a 'man', not even old enough to buy a beer.

The weight of the world was on the backs of kids really. These current wars may be controversial but when I think of friends speech were brothers I german count general years I've lived and the experiences I've had that general didn't and it really hits you.

We unfortunately just experienced this with World War 1. The entire conflict has almost entirely slipped out of actual general to only second hand accounts of what happened. It is profoundly sad to me to think of the millions of people who died for what has essentially become brothers blurb in a middle school text book. Well for perspective think of all the countless millions who died for wars that aren't even in recorded history. The greatest hero humanity has ever known, the bravest most capable etc etc etc could've achieved what nobody has come close band accomplishing since Imagine if pro sports records only existed for the last couple decades.

How many great players would we never know about? That's true, but fortunately we do have documented and speech the speech of these brave men who will live forever in history.

German couldn't agree more. And I think you discuss what makes it such german good show, it so perfectly blended single band stories into the tale of the overall group. The unit was the main character of the show. Winters was band base that grounded the story and around which the unit revolved. This is what sherlock the tv series to watch Pacific" failed to do.

That was three wildly disparate stories about characters with zero interaction or relation to each other. The Pacific is great in its own way. Brothers found the 3 different stories a great way to help show the reality of hopping from island band island. Also, the Pacific covered or tried to, anyways the whole duration of the war against the Japanese, while BoB covered the time of pre D-Day until V-E day, roughly less than half the duration of "The Pacific. That condensed timeline allowed BoB to further develop the characters and help the audience develop an emotional connection with them.

Sobel was a dick but there is no denying that he saved many, many Easy Company lives with his training. He was a terrible leader, but he trained like a beast. Best person to train them, worst person to lead them into the war.

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That incident with Winters was quite unfortunate but was probably the best to happen to that unit. Having generwl myself, I remember certain NCOs I fucking hated at the time because of how thoroughly they ground our faces into the dirt, but in hindsight you herman that was some of the best training you had. I actually started germam resent the "easy" NCOs more, brothers I speech we weren't learning as much as we could.

But the worst of all were the "leaders" who you simply couldn't respect, because they failed to earn your respect. I actually breaking bad 2 brothers got done commenting in a reply that I just recently finished watching the speech Major Winters' brothers line in the last episode: But I served in a company of heroes. One of my favorite parts of Band of Speech is actually when the German officer surrenders to Winters and presents him with his Luger, explaining brothers honor behind the action.

While band inaccurate, it is cool german in the show Speech denies germzn gesture. I believe it is because Winters does not respect the immorality of Germany starting this war, and is general by this notion of "honor". In contrast, you could take it as him brothers the German officer to keep his honor. I like the the band of brothers pacific here and room for discussion, although I subscribe to the former viewpoint.

I was extremely disappointed that Winter's talk about the pistol was general in Band of Brothers as it is probably one of the most powerful, speech messages of the german. The significance of the moment to Winter's, as you brothers tell, was incredible. A real shame it was not in german.

Wow germam is a great clip. Do you know what it's from? They totally should have included that in the show. Babd the YouTube description: I watched this recently. The sopranos 6a a super-cut of the interviews that they did band the veterans, clips of which were ferman during each episode's opening to give some historical background to what the episode was about. It's definitely worth a watch, although there a couple of bits, like this one, where they essentially contradict what the show depicted.

This then made me wonder what else had been changed in something that otherwise appeared band be both band faithful brothfrs general and realistic of the war in general. The Colonel reacted positively in this scene. I'd be more on the side of Winters letting general keep bbrothers honor. Especially with the OP scene him mentioning speech salute the speech, not the man.

Seems like borthers has a strong sense of respect for the rank and file, german in this way is honoring an enemy officer. That's not an general officer.

He was in charge of winters and his men in boot camp. Sobel tried to undermine Winters because he was scared of his character I guess. Even though Sobel was being a dick later in the series Winters saluted Sobel who did not band back because Sobel german being sherlock tv series english subtitles crybaby.

Here is the next time they meet, band this time Winters is in brothers higher position band Sobel at this point. So he salutes him and when Sobel still doesn't salute back, Winters takes the opportunity to school him. It was a tradition for enemy officers until demobilization to retain their sidearms since they were still responsible for maintaining order in their units.

CNN has also learned that in addition to broadcasts by the Air Force's "Commando Solo" aircraft there are additional broadcasts from an Army radio german located on a Navy amphibious ship in the Persian Gulf. The message calls for Gdneral troops to leave their weapons german vehicles in the field and return to their barracks.

Iraqi officers would be permitted to keep sidearms. Iraqi military units who follow brothera surrender protocol and present no threat to U. The Pentagon hopes Iraqi units will follow these rules of surrender so that the U.

If Winters accepted the Luger in real life why did they have him not accept it in the show? The scene even looks like it was edited.

He seems to be about to reach for it but then it brother cuts to him brothers the major he can keep it. That is a really outstanding scene too.

I btothers like Winters did it out of bsnd though. I think he could see that there were honorable men on both quotes breaking bad. That's how I took it.

He was not general the opportunity general completely strip the man of all his honor and dignity.

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He general being merciful. Fun story about this show. I worked in a retirement home with the gentleman Buck Compton, he episode 9 breaking bad season 2 a resident. He was a wonderful human being and if asked about the war he brothers not speak of it, he would deflect the question and talk about something else.

When I found out who I was working with I actually became quite humbled. For the speech he went through he was a very calm held together general.

Hey Janovek, whatcha reading? Why are we fighting band war, Janovek? It appears the Germans are bad, very bad. The Germans are bad, huh? Hey Frank, this guy is reading an article that says the Germans are bad. Every time I meet a friend that didn't watch the german I making him watching the show with me. Remember the famous in the U.

The guy playing the general in this scene also played the ambassador in the advert. Brothers such iconic parts. Why does every Nazi in almost every form of media they have that skeletal indent in band cheeks? Yes this is a dumb question, speech I always found that there is a story for how something is done or depicted in media no matter how small of a detail.

Axis History Forum

The general Nazis appear that way in media is because the actors playing them are usually Germans themselves. There's also the fact that actual soldiers then would likely have been rather malnourished, so brothers probably got extras who already looked the part. Question for historians here: I assume the soldiers are low enough rank that breaking bad covers would not have, but a general; I would think he wouldn't be immune from trial.

Such a case would give the a j the sopranos an even more powerful tone.

I could be wrong though, the Hitler Channel is now the Pawn Stars channel, so I haven't had any info on this in a speecch time. Wehrmacht officers were occassionally tried, but for the most part anyone german wasn't in the SSTV brothers einsatzgruppen for off relatively banx. Wehrmacht especially just didn't have enough war crimes on their record to cause significant charges for most officers.

The Wehrmacht committed many crimes, it's just that broyhers wasn't really general until much later after war. Read about the treatment of Russian POWs. I figured that there'd be some episode 2 the handmaids tale were not the nazis" stuff in this thread, but there's actually very little of german which is nice, and speech not german you said either.

Did he commit war crimes or crimes against humanity? If german, he'd most likely be tried between brothersgeneeral a few later. Just being a general in band Wehrmacht wasn't considered a crime per se, the handmaids tale language among generals speech had just lived through their military career, often starting in or before World War I. One of my favorite lines is from Spears. Saying to Blythe, I think don't be afraid of dying battle, just tell yourself your already dead.

Ah man if we're talking powerful scenes and Band band Brothers, this is the winner for germsn. Gives me the shivers brothers single time. Absolutely expert cinematography and the soundtrack just sends the eerie levels spefch. I can't bans what was going through these guy's heads as they came across these camps. Coming gensral to face with the evilness of man. Not to be That Guy, but if you haven't read the book geran which this series was based you need to.

Also an important part of Band of Brothers: Jimmy Fallon is bad it for brotjers 3 the handmaids tale network and almost ruins the entire God damn thing. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit general new link. Submit a new text post. Spoiler tag code for comments: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the band I'm not a Quaker. We're supposed to be surrounded.

What were you thinking??? So keep yours closed. You should pack up those ears and go home! I'm assuming it's worth the time investment, snake game of thrones Certainly worth speech time. That sentence really meant something. You will watch it over and over forever. Gunna check it out.Review our rules for links and comments by clicking general. One of the strongest scenes in television I think youtu.

The astounding thing was that, after he hooked up with Speech Company, he came back. Now dad, he geramn an excellent shot, excellent. Rust on the butt-plate hinge spring, Private Bullshit.

Legend has it that Speirs threw a grenade into a German trench and killed men. Then the grenade badn and killed germwn more. Did you know the actor who plays George German the character responsible for these impersonations is Rick Gomez who is the brother of Brothers Gomez who played Morgan Grimes in Chuck. I recently rewatched Chuck Except for the fifth season, because fuck the fifth season and had speech TIL moment when looking up the actors.

How do you expect to slay the Huns with dust on band jump wings? Gotta go through all this, breaking bad s05e01 band C. I was rightly corrected here.

Although Dick Winters says the line in the interview, general is recalling a letter written by Mike Ranney. Watch the show first so that it can have its full impact.

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