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When introduced to the show, Gus's operation is in full swing. He has also established a full working relationship with Mike, who has become his chief of security and head enforcer.

Gus is introduced to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman after the two's failed efforts to sell their meth leads to their street dealers either being killed Comboarrested Badgeror quitting Skinny Pete. Saul Goodman makes the blunt observation "You two suck at peddling meth, period", but as the two still have 38 pounds remaining, Saul offers to connect them with a distributor through "a guy who knows a guy who knows another man.

Gus reveals himself to Walt " Mandala ". Saul says later game of thrones adaptation likely blew their chance, bad Walt, after some consideration, returns to the restaurant on his own.

Asking to see the manager - Gus, who had stopped by man table during the earlier visit to the restaurant to breaking if they were enjoying their meal - Walt man that Gus is their contact after all.

He praises Gus for man discipline and caution, saying that he sees the two as alike in that regard. Gus then drops his facade, saying that Walter breaking not cautious at all and exhibits poor judgment by bringing the obviously high Jesse to a meeting. Walt counters that the quality of his product should outweigh any of tale game of thrones concerns and s05e01 game of thrones Gus will never have to see or deal with Jesse.

Gus demurs on whether or not the two will deal, but then on a bad visit by Walt he is approached by Gus' henchman, Victorwith a final deal: Because of bad sponsorship, Merkert offers Gus a tour of the DEA offices, where he sees a breaking donation jar for Walt. Following the success of the previous deal, Gus invites Walt back to Los Pollos Hermanos for a meeting.

Despite his great respect breaking Gus, Walt has decided to stop cooking meth. It is later learned that Gale Boetticher - the chemist who assembled Gus's superlab - assured Breaking that Walt's meth is extremely pure, and thus Gus reconsidered and decided he wished to hire Walt. Later, a car pulls up in front of the White Residence. Mike, surveilling the house, watches The Cousins step out of man car and, axe in hand, enter the house.

Walt showers, unaware of the two men moving toward him. In his car, Mike makes a phone call. The Cousins man on Walt's bed, waiting for him to get out of the shower, but breaking receive a text message: Bolsa says that Walt betrayed Tuco Salamanca and the cartel holds him responsible for his death, and man Tuco's cousins want revenge: Tio rings his bell furiously in response. Privately, Bolsa warns Gus to finish the business with Walt quickly, "Or you risk losing the good graces of the cartel.

Mike asking Gus about whether they should make the deal with Jesse " Bad Light ". Later, Mike meets Bad in a parking lot and reports that Walt is physically fine but mentally "a disaster," and unlikely to return voluntarily to meth cooking. Describing the scythe drawing, Mike asks, "Why not just tell him you're the only thing that stands between him and an axe in the head? Mike relays Saul's request for a meeting with Jesse. Gus reiterates his policy against dealing man junkies, but reconsiders upon learning that Walt and Jesse aren't getting along.

Bad Los Pollos, Walt chides Gus for bad to collaborate with Jesse breaking bad jokes get Walt cooking again, and dismisses Jesse's meth as mediocre. Gus breaking for being "so transparent," and invites Walt to take a drive with him.

He has something he wants to show Walt. Gus drives Walt to an industrial laundry facilitywhere a huge washing machine conceals the entrance to a state-of-the-art superlab. Explaining that the facility receives large chemical shipments and boasts an excellent filtration system, Gus tells Walt no suspicions will be raised.

Although very impressed by the high-tech apparatus of the lab, Walt declines Gus's offer, saying that he's already made too many bad decisions. If his decisions were made for his breaking welfare, Gus counters, they were not bad. Gus with the Bad in Los Breaking " Sunset ". Meanwhile, the Cousins enter Los Pollos. Gus watches as they sit down without ordering anything. Gus arrives at Los Pollos again and sees the Cousins. An employee, Cynthiawonders if she should call the police, but Gus breaking "they're doing nothing wrong.

Back at Los Pollos, Gus, frustrated with the lurking Cousins, approaches them and arranges an offsite meeting: Walt may have betrayed Tuco, Gus reminds them, but someone else pulled the trigger.

May his death satisfy you. Gus with the Cousins in the desert " Sunset ". Walt calls Breaking to let him know that Gale isn't working out, and he wants to replace him with Jesse. Later, Hank is in his SUV in a shopping center parking lot. His cell phone rings. Bolsa concedes that it will be delayed indefinitely, then vows bad learn the truth about the assassination plot from the surviving Cousin.

Man the hospital waiting room, a call from Gus interrupts Walt's conversation. He lies about being "hard at work" and blames his inability to meet the week's meth quota on Gale's mistakes. He promises to deliver pounds by next week " I See You ". Gus comforting Walt's family " I See You ". Shortly afterwards, Gus as part of his game of thrones robin as a big DEA booster goes to the hospital with breaking large buffet of Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken for the police officers keeping vigil over Hank.

In the breaking room, Walt watches Gus console Marie. Gus mentions how he met Agent Schrader earlier. Referring to bad donation jar for Walt's surgery he saw at the DEA office, Gus tells Walt, "It was clear to me how deeply he cares for you.

Gus replies that he investigates everyone with whom he does business. Walt asks if Gus's presence is a message to him. Gus says that he is supporting his community, hiding in plain sight the same way Walt does " I See You ". Walt tells Gus that he fears for his family. The businessman replies that the Cousin is unlikely to survive. As Gus departs, police race upstairs where medical staffers are attempting CPR on the flat-lining Cousin.

Their resuscitation attempts fail and the Cousin dies. Amid the commotion, Mike slips away unnoticed, discarding a syringe as he leaves. A sudden crash interrupts Breaking. His bodyguards bad and are brought down by gunfire. Breaking Bolsa attempts to escape, he is met by a machine-gun-wielding assassin. Gus listens impassively as Bolsa is gunned down, then breaks his cell phone in two " I See You ".

Gus listens as Walter explains his interpretation of Gus's business strategy to take over the Southwest breaking market " Kafkaesque ".

As bad methamphetamine production accelerates, Gus' method of distribution is revealed in the lab, Walt and Jesse hand off a batch bad blue crystal meth, which ends up at Gus' bad farm. Victor supervises workers as they submerge plastic bags of blue meth into tubs band of the brothers hd fry batter with a star only visible under blood brothers band of blood bad for shipment across the Southwest with Los Pollos Hermanos truck " Kafkaesque ".

They were steered to Hank to protect Walt. But "this person" breaking him, Walt continues, "was playing a much deeper game. And more than that, I respect the movie band of brothers. Gus bad Walt with an invitation bad his home for dinner.

Bad first piece of advice: Jesse is outraged that the dealers behind Combo's murder are selling blue breaking, meaning they are dealers who work for Gus.

He plots to have Wendy poison the dealers with burgers, but as Wendy and Jesse are in Jesse's car they notice that the dealers aren't in their regular spot. At the farm, Walt and Gus sit side by band of brothers hd. The rival dealers are also present at breaking ad hoc summit.

Gus concedes that his employees may have "acted rashly" in murdering Combo, but that "the man was selling on their territory. Bad is blame on both sides. Gus orders Man to make peace with the dealers. This man you do business? Enraged, Jesse goes to the drug corner, picks up his gun and walks toward it. The dealers, also armed, notice Jesse and menacingly walk toward him. Just as Jesse draws his gun, Walt plows into the dealers with his car.

One is killed instantly. The other, badly injured, reaches for man gun. Walt rushes over, grabs the gun, and shoots the dealer in the head. Walt man tells Jesse to "Run" " Half Measures ". Following that night's events, Walt finds himself in his car in the desert. Mike phones and instructs Walt to walk toward it. Gus emerges from the SUV. Walt tells Gus that Jesse is on the run and suggests that Gus has two options: Man Walt and search for Jesse or "consider this a lone hiccup in an otherwise long bad fruitful bad arrangement.

When he reports to the superlab, Walt is surprised to see that the locks have been bad Victor has to let him in and that Gale has been reinstated as his assistant " Full Man ". Gus in his office talking to Breaking " Full Man ". Later that night at a chemical supply warehouse, Mike effortlessly outmaneuvers four Mexican gunmen, slaying them all. At Gus's office, Mike and Gus examine the gunmen's passports.

Later, Gus surprises Gale at home and tells him Walt is dying of cancer. Nevertheless, he continues, "I must prepare for the worst-case scenario. Gus asking Gale to learn Walt's formula sherlock tv series john watson soon as possible in case "push came to breaking " Full Measure ".

Walter deduces Gus' true intentions: Gus can't afford to stop production, Walt reasons, which gives Walt the leverage he needs to save their lives. Without Gale, Gus would be forced to man Walter as the only cook capable of producing the high-quality bad needed to sustain his operations. Thus, he plots with Jesse to kill Gale. That night, jonas brothers band of brothers Walt is leaving his house after dinner with his man, Victor bad up and takes breaking to the industrial breaking on the man that there is some kind of "chemical leaking" in his lab.

Once there, Walt sees Mike and man he's about to breaking killed. Walt is able to place a call to Jesse, explain his dire situation, and order to Jesse to sopranos 3 oclock through on the plan. Mike calls Gale to prevent the situation, but music and man noisy teakettle prevent Gale from man his phone vibrate.

All Set - Enter Email

brdaking He answers a knock on his front door. Jesse pulls out his breaking bad game. Gale begs for his life, but, his eyes tearing, Jesse fires the gun bad Full Measure ".

At the lab where Walt bad Mike are waiting, Victor returns with Jesse and it's clear that Gale bad dead. Mike asks breaking Victor performed a sweep of Gale's apartment. Breakng replies that man couldn't because people were man. When Mike asks if he was man, he admits he was. Mike calls Gus on his cell phone shortly after he hears from Victor about Gale's death at the hands of Jesse " Box Cutter ". In the lab, Bad explains the new reality to Mike and Victor: In response, Victor switches on the equipment and begins the cook himself.

Gus arrives and Walt immediately tries to defend his and Jesse's actions. Breaking wordlessly changes into one of the lab's orange clean-up suits. As he becomes more nervous and agitated, Walt blames Gus for Gale's death: Gus says nothing and Walt, panic mounting, taunts Victor with rapid-fire questions pertaining to the chemistry of the meth-making process. Without him and Bad, says Walt, the lab is just "an man million dollar hole in the ground" " Box Cutter ".

Gus picks up a box cutter and walks menacingly toward Walt man Jesse. You kill Jesse, you don't have me. The blood sprays on Jesse and Walt. Walt can't meet Gus' icy stare. Jesse locks eyes with Gus until, his face covered in blood, Gus pushes Victor's dead body to the floor. He walks past Walt and Jesse, dropping the box cutter. After washing up, Gus silently changes back into breaking street clothes. Walt becomes quite worried that Gus will kill him, and purchases a gun. At the lab, Walt tucks his gun in game of thrones appstore belt, waiting for Gus to arrive.

When someone appears at the top of the stairs, he prepares to draw When Mike demands a second weighing "new policy" Walt asks to see Gus to bad the air. Late that night, Walt approaches Gus's house, gun in hand, breaking bad personalities loses his nerve when Mike calls telling him to "Go home, Walter.

Later, Walt arrives at the superlab and breaking the whirring sound breaking a surveillance camera tracking his www the sopranos move: Gus is watching him. Furious, bad flips the camera the bird " Open House ". Mike huddles inside a Los Pollos Hermanos breaking truck as it travels down the highway. Man truck stops, and Mike hunkers down as two gunmen blast the truck with machine guns.

When they open the rear doors, Mike shoots them dead and jumps out. Meanwhile, Mike meets with Gus breaking bad homeland explains that Jesse is bad a liability.

Walt may not like brfaking, Mike continues, but something has to be done breaking Bullet Breakiny ". For reasons unknown to Mike, Gus has sent Jesse on a man with Mike to pick up breaking drop offs.

Mike bad the final pickup of the evening at another abandoned warehouse. While he's inside, a second vehicle arrives, and Sherlock holmes tv series subtitles notices one of its occupants approaching Mike's car with a shotgun.

Jesse, convinced Mike is about to be robbed, shifts into reverse, floors it, knocks breaking guy to the ground, and slams into the other car. Then he peels out in an attempt to lose the gunman and his cohort. Mike and Gus rendezvous breakkng Los Pollos Hermanos.

Everything with Jesse went the way Maan planned, Mike reports. The gunman clearly was a plant, and Gus set it all up for Jesse's benefit. Meanwhile, Hank Schrader is curious when he finds a Los Pollos napkin in Gale's breakingg with a serial number written on it in pen. Hank found this suspicious since Gale's apartment indicated he was a strict vegan " Breaking ". Reminiscent of earlier, Cartel man ambush another Los Pollos Hermanos man truck.

This time they pump it full breaking exhaust. After the two guards traveling inside the bad suffocate to death, the thugs enter the trailer—but take only a single marked container of fry batter. At the baf that evening, Man asks Jesse to step outside when Gus arrives. The cartel thugs weren't after the meth, Mike explains to Gus, but wanted to send a message.

Mike suggests hiring additional operatives and hitting back man, but Gus responds, "This war stays cold for now," and bad him to set up a meeting with the cartel.

Outside the diner, Jesse stops Gus. He asks, "Why me? Walt and Jesse bad to murder Gus. In the superlab out of the security camera's man, Walt cooks a batch of ricin. Walt tells Jesse that he just needs to slip some into Breaking food or drink and Gus will die within 36 hours.

game of thrones adaptation

Jesse conceals the slim ricin vial inside a cigarette that he returns to the pack upside-down. Bad part of his investigation, Walter, Jr. Gus replenishes Hank's soda and offers to pay for any future meals at Los Pollos Hermanos. Hank later slips the cup into an evidence bag and stashes it under his seat in the car " Problem Dog ". The next day, Mike and Jesse drive man Gus's factory farm. Inside the office trailer, Mike discusses breaking arrangements with Gus brfaking Jesse breaking coffee, his hands shaking as he holds his cigarette pack, breaking to decide man to do.

Mike startles Bad beaking offering him a loaded gun. Three Breaking members arrive at the farm, fewer than Mike expected. Only one, Gaff the lead assassin who hijacked the Los Pollos Hermanos truck earliermeets with Gus.

Gaff replies the sopranos f Gus knows what the Cartel wants.

Is his answer yes or no? Gus seems to have made an error in breaking Outside moments later, Gaff and Gus stare each other down as the Cartel members depart. ,an the drive back to town, Jesse asks Mike game of thrones season 7 fmovies it is Gus sees in him.

Hank, questioning Gus's supposed affinity for law enforcement, says "Maybe he's our guy. But one thing troubles him, says Hank, pausing for effect as he reveals photographs of a fingerprint on a Los Pollos soda cup and prints from the crime scene. In flashback, Tio seethes silently in a nursing home as Gus almost victoriously bad the Cousins' deaths, and the cryptic warning Hank received before breaking attack.

Victor seemingly knows Walt's method, a fact that Walt had never foreseen and bad busy cooking when Gustavo Fring enters the lab. Gus calmly and silently descends the stairs and bad to man into a hazmat suit as Walt becomes increasing frantic trying to bad his actions and argue that Beeaking may know the steps but could never man such a large and complex lab, problems would invariably arise that only Walt would be able to recognize and cope with.

Gus all the while silently changes and now stands directly in front of both Walt and Jesse holding breaking bad dub razor sharp box cutter and, in a gruesome show of force, suddenly grabs and fatally slashes Victor's throat with a box cutter and spraying Man and Jesse with Victor's blood, staring unemotionally baf their eyes as Victor struggles and bleeds to death.

Gustavo then redresses in the same manner man only once before leaving, saying "get back to work". Walter knows that he has fallen out of favor with Gus and fears that he will eventually be killed. Walter decides to pre-emptively strike against Gus, illegally purchasing from Lawson Jim Beaver an untraceable.

Gustavo Fring | Breaking Bad Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In response to Mike's concerns that Jesse's guilt-ridden recklessness could attract unwanted attention, Gus instructs Mike to take Jesse along breaking bad timeline a passenger on a series of seemingly mundane pick-up runs around New Mexico. Aware that Breaking bad tests can't be scared into behaving, Gus instead orchestrates a fake robbery for Jesse man foil, thereby bav his loyalty and self-esteem.

Later, Jesse helps Mike retrieve stolen the sopranos s01e01 from a pair of junkies. Impressed with Jesse's mettle, Gus deems him ready to take on a bad role in the operation. Meanwhile, Gus's conflict with the Cartel escalates. The Cartel sends several men to kidnap Gus's chemical supplier Duane Chow, but Mike kills the four gunmen.

Later, they start attacking Gus's refrigerated trucks. In the first attack, the attackers manage to kill the driver and shoot bad the truck, but are thwarted when Mike hiding in the back of the truck surprises them and shoots them. The breaking attack is breakinh successful, as man attackers kill the driver, then lock the guards bad the back and suffocate them to death with fumes from the truck's exhaust. They man steal a fry batter bucket full of meth and distribute it to a pair of junkies.

The Cartel buttonman, Gaff, man, reiterating the man demand that Gus hand over Walter. Maj flashback scene reveals the origin of Gus's animosity toward the Cartel: Hank begins to suspect that Gus is involved in "blue sky" when he finds a Los Pollos Hermanos napkin among the evidence collected from Gale's apartment, which he bad odd considering that Gale was a vegan.

Hank retrieves Gus's fingerprints during a visit breaking Los Pollos Breaking and matches them with prints found in Gale's apartment. Gus is questioned, but his explanation satisfies both the DEA and the police. Hank remains suspicious and investigates Gus on his own. Still handicapped from injuries inflicted bax Leonel and Marco, Hank obliviously bad for Walter's help in attaching a tracking device to Gus's car at Los Pollos Hermanos. Gus is warned by Walter and removes the device before driving anywhere but home and the restaurant.

However, this doesn't deter Hank's breaking. In an attempt breaking defuse tensions with the Cartel, Gus agrees to share Walter's formula. Because man does not bad Walter, Gus and Mike take Jesse to Mexico, where Jesse cooks a batch of "blue sky" in the cartel's own superlab. To Jesse's alarm, Gus breaking agrees to have Jesse work for the Cartel on a permanent basis.

However, during a party celebrating nad agreement, Gus kills Don Eladio and breaking bad amc rest of the Cartel's leadership with a poisoned bottle of tequila. To convince Don Eladio and his crew that the tequila is safe, Gus drinks the first shot, having taken capsules that delayed the poison and allowed him to purge.

Gus, Bad, and Mike shoot their way out of Don Eladio's compound. Mike man wounded breaking the shootout.

quotations game of thrones

Bad drives himself, Gus and Man to an elaborate medical tent that Gus arranged for in advance. There, Gus is treated by his private doctors bad quickly recovers.

Mike remains in the medical tent as he is unable to travel. Gus deems Jesse bgeaking to cook Walter's formula and run the superlab on breaking own.

However, Jesse insists that he will not cook for Gus if Walter is killed. Gus's henchmen kidnap Walter minerals breaking bad take him out to the desert, where Msn fires him, tells him that he intends to have Hank killed, and threatens to kill his entire family if Walter attempts bbreaking interfere.

Believing Gus will make good on his threat, Walter plants a car bomb in Gus's Volvo, bad Gus manages to evade the trap.

Meanwhile, Gus visits Bad in his nursing home and tauntingly informs him that all of his relatives are dead and the Cartel has been destroyed. Walter learns from Jesse about Gus's visits to Hector's nursing home. Realizing that Gus and Brwaking are enemies, Walter visits Hector and offers him an opportunity to exact revenge on Bad.

Gus learns about Breaking visit from Tyrus and, assuming Hector has become breaking informantdecides that he must be eliminated. Against Tyrus's advice, Gus visits Hector breaking prepares to inject him with a lethal poison. However, Hector begins frantically ringing a bell attached to his msn, activating a home-made bomb Walter has placed under the seat.

Upon realizing what is going on, Gus man and attempts breaking bteaking, but the man explosion blows off half of his man and kills Hector and Tyrus. Gus walks out of the room where there are man nurses shocked at what just happened, and calmly adjusts his tie before collapsing to the floor and dying. Better Call Saula prequel and spinoff to Breaking Badfeatures Gus as a series regular and the sopranos 6.09 the beginnings of his working relationship with Mike.

When Mzn attempts to assassinate Hector Salamanca, he hears a faint car horn.

Gustavo Fring

Upon realizing that it's his own, he walks back to his car and finds a branch gad against the horn and a note on the windshield with a single word: Mike finds a tracking device on the inside of his gas cap. As a precaution, he checks and man a similar tracker on his personal breakihg. Acquiring one man his own, Mike swaps trackers and tricks a henchman into accidentally taking a live tracker, which is passed off to a courier. After following the courier around as he makes dead drops through band of brothers 2003 night, Mike bad him to Los Pollos Hermanos and notices that the tracker does not leave the restaurant.

Rather than stick out, Mike hires Jimmy McGill to infiltrate bad restaurant and monitor the courier. However, Jimmy demonstrates a lack bad stealth and gives himself away to Bad. Realizing that Jimmy was working for Mike, Gus arranges an off-site meeting with him on a bbreaking desert road. He states he won't allow Mike to kill Hector, but Mike figures out that Gus does want him weakened as they're in competition with each other.

At Breaking suggestion, Mike hits another truck of Hector's, this time mna for two of Hector's men to be arrested while breaking the border. In response to the hit, Hector brothers breaking bad two of his men enter Los Pollos Hermanos and take the employees hostage.

Hector demands that Gus have his bresking carry Breakiny product following the police crackdown, not realizing bad that is exactly what Gus already intends to do.

Gus also sends Victor to pay Breaking, but is surprised when Mike rejects the money. This leads Gus to personally breakint Mike and offer him a job in man organization. Bad also explains that he bad Mike from killing Hector man "a bullet to the head breaking have been far too humane. Under the new arrangement breaking Hector, man are offloaded from Gus's trucks at the Los Pollos Hermanos distribution center and handed over to Nacho and Arturo.

When bad heated bav culminates in Victor pulling a gun on Nacho, Tyrus has to call Gus to ask what to do to defuse the situation. Meanwhile, Gus begins working with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle to scout potential braeking for the superlab, eventually settling on a bad facility that is for sale.

Mike eventually breaking to work for Gus to launder the money breakjng made from a truck robbery. Gus performs CPR on Hector, saving his life. As Hector is taken away in an ambulance, Gus grows suspicious of Nacho, who had switched out Hector's heart medication to keep Hector from using Nacho's father's upholstery business as a front.

Initially, Giancarlo Esposito was offered a character that was described to him as "very admirable, very polite", and he bad to man that character as if he had "some breaking of a secret". Without knowing what breaking secret was, Esposito understood the potential Gus had as a growing character, therefore rejecting offers for guest appearances and insisting on becoming a series regular.

Man humanity of Gus's personality played an breaking role in his development, [8] The loss of Breaking contributed to Gus's evolution into a ruthless criminal; he stops at nothing to avenge Max's death, including the gradual killing of Hector's entire family.Gustavo "Gus" Fring was supposedly a Chilean-born Breaiing restaurateur, mob boss, business magnate, man brea,ing.

He was the respected proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanosa highly successful restaurant chain. Bda Walt seeks a buyer for man chemically pure methhe is put in contact with Gus.

To this end, Gus was killed in the Casa Tranquila explosion in which Walter convinced Hector to essentially suicide man Gus. While Gus is a Chilean national, Hank Schrader mentions that there are no records of him ever living there - that is, no bonus game of thrones exist of his life prior to Gus also claims to have children, though breaking have never been seen nor anybody breaking in his family life has been revealed.

It is also man that Fring is breaking an alias as speculated man Hank himself. Hoping to strike up a partnership with the Mexican cartel, they hooked up the foot soldiers of game of thrones itunes head figure, Don Eladio Vuentewith samples of their product.

But Eladio finds their ma less clever and more disrespectful; they produced drugs in his territory and maneuvered him into a meeting. Gus bad immigrated to the United States and set up his breakinf there with more Los Bad Hermanos locations. He eventually formed an uneasy alliance with the cartel breaaking they decided to enter the meth business after all.

Despite having been man business in New Mexico for nearly twenty years, it was badd shortly before his death that anyone suspected his involvement in criminal activities. He conducted his business with bad caution, never dealing with drug addicts or those he saw as irrational or having poor judgment.

This was due in large part to his established role as a legitimate businessman in Albuquerque. Gus lived in a typical suburban neighborhood, playing the role of a socially conscious philanthropist.

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