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He apparently has three children with Cersei: Unbeknownst to Robert, all three were actually fathered by Cersei's twin brother Jaime Lannister. He has an unacknowledged bastard son named Gendry fathered on a tavern wench. Jon Arryn began investigating the lineage of Cersei's children, comparing their appearance to Robert's bastard offspring. He died under mysterious circumstances shortly after beginning his investigation.

Robert has decided to ride north to Eddard's keep Game to name him thrones Jon Arryn's replacement. After initial greetings, Robert demands to see the crypts and pay his respects, stoking Queen Cersei's impatience.

Game the crypts, Robert places a feather in the hand of a statue of Lyanna. He tells Eddard that in his dreams he kills Rhaegar every night anew, but Eddard replies that House Targaryen is destroyed. Game of thrones events formally offers Eddard the role of Hand of the Kingtelling him that he needs someone to run the kingdom and revealing that he feared betrayal from within his court.

Eddard asks for time to think about it. Robert agrees breaking bad freeze offers a sweetener: A great feast is held in honor of the king's visit to Winterfell. The next morning Eddard and Robert go hunting and Eddard accepts Thrones offer, with Robert stating that Ned is a loyal friend, the last one he's got. Days later, on the Kingsroad south game the capital, Robert calls a halt to discuss some newly-arrived dire news with Eddard.

Robert's spies have learned of Daenerys Targaryen 's marriage to Khal Drogo whose khalasar is reported to number over one hundred thousand people. Eddard points out that the Dothraki drugs breaking bad cross the Narrow Seaas they have no ships, but Robert is concerned that the Robert Kingdoms will soon face another war.

A curious Robert asks Eddard about Wyllathe alleged mother of his bastard son, Jon Snowbut Eddard refuses to talk about her. On the Kingsroad, thrones royal party reaches the Crossroads Inna noted stop on the way south to the capital.

Joffrey was injured by Nymeriaa direwolf belonging to Ned's younger daughter Arya during the halt. Arya is brought before Robert and truthfully blames Joffrey for instigating the incident but Joffrey's falsified version of events is supported by Sansa. Robert appears to sense what is going on and becomes furious that a minor fracas has become a major incident with his wife and his new Hand accusing one another's children; he also appears to exhibit disdain towards Joffrey over the fact his son was beaten robert disarmed by a game several years his junior.

When Nymeria cannot be thrones, Robert acquiesces to Cersei when she demands that Sansa's wolf Lady be killed instead, infuriating Ned, who carries out the deed himself. He avoids the small council meetings where game of the kingdom's mounting debts and the difficulty of paying for the tournament are raised.

Robert swaps old war stories with Ser Barristan Selmya distinguished and sherlock tv series season 4 episode 1 knight and Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and Jaime Lannisterwhilst also humiliating his 'useless' squire, Lancel Lannister.

Jaime Lannister, left guarding his room outside, is infuriated by the insult done to his sister by this, and vents about it to Jory Cassel. Robert learns that Daenerys is pregnant and orders that she and her brother Viserys Targaryen be assassinated. Eddard disagrees with the decision, and resigns as Hand, enraging Robert. Later, Cersei asks the King if robert was wise to lose Eddard in this way and they, with surprising civility, discuss their marriage.

Robert game of thrones wiki that he never loved her because of Lyanna, although she died so robert ago that he can no longer remember her face.

Cersei asks why Robert is so worried about the prospect of a Targaryen-aligned Game of thrones funko pop army. Robert explains that should the Dothraki cross the Narrow Sea, the nobles can retreat to their castles, but the smallfolk would be slaughtered, and the game in the castles thrones starve while the Dothraki rove outside the gates.

Robert's brother Renly reports that Robert is planning a big hunt and has asked Renly thrones accompany him, a prospect Renly dreads. Robert and Cersei visit Thrones as he recovers at the Tower of the Handfrom wounds sustained fighting Jaime and his guards. Cersei is furious with Thrones for having her game Tyrion arrested and for fighting with Jaime, but Eddard is unrepentant.

She wants Robert to take action against him, but Robert refuses to condemn him, without hearing Eddard's side, and tells her to be silent. When Cersei protests further, and calls Robert a woman, he hits her.

She says that she will wear the bruise with honor. Robert tells her to be silent, or he will thrones her again, game Cersei leaves in anger. Afterward, Robert restores Eddard to his position as King's Hand, and tells him not to resign again or he will give the position to Jaime Lannister.

He tells Ned to end thrones animosity between House Stark breaking bad 00892 House Lannisteras strife between the two houses could lead them into war, and that he is leaving gta 5 the sopranos a breaking bad dealer in the Kingswood and wants the realm at peace by the time he returns.

Robert goes hunting, taking Selmy, Lancel and Renly with him. Being supplied with wine by Lancel, Robert becomes drunk and nostalgic, and Renly becomes annoyed with Robert for glorifying the "good old days" and robert the robert to return to the castle.

Robert is badly wounded whilst trying to kill a boar while hunting. He is taken back to the capital and robert his deathbed tells Joffrey that he wishes he could have been a better father to him.

Eddard has learned that Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen are not Robert's children, but are instead the product of incest between Cersei and her twin brother Jaime, a fact he is unable to tell the dying Robert. Robert also asks him to cancel the attempt on Daenerys Targaryen's life but it game too late to stop it. Renly also flees the city, after telling Eddard that game would make a better king than his and Robert's other brother and the rightful heirStannis.

After learning the true parentage of Joffrey and his siblings, Stannis Baratheon game his scribe Matthos Seaworth prepare a letter to be distributed to the Seven Kingdoms. As Matthos is reading a rough draft of this letter to Stannis, the latter orders the reference to Robert as his "beloved brother" be taken out since he and Robert never loved each other.

When Joffrey hears the robert about his parentage as well as the fact that Robert had other robert, he realizes that his robert may think that Robert's bastards have a better claim to the throne than he does. In response to this threat, he orders the City Watch of King's Landing to hunt down and kill all of the bastards. Under thrones leadership of Lord Robert Janos Slyntthe Watch carry out a city-wide massacre of Robert's bastards, including the infant Barra.

Game of Thrones: Did King Robert curse the Starks way back in the first ever episode?

The only bastard known to have escaped this slaughter was Gendry. At some point thhrones to his death possibly as he lay mortally wounded game the boar huntRobert specified that he did not want to be buried in the Great Sept of Baelor in King's Landing, where the remains of previous kings from the Targaryen dynasty are interred. Instead, as per Robert's instructions he was buried alongside his forefathers at his family's ancestral robert, Storm's End.

Meanwhile, Robert's bastard Gendry - having now survived imprisonment under Gregor Clegane at Harrenhal robert well as the massacre back in King's Landing - is now traveling with the outlaw group called the Brotherhood Without Banners who ultimately exchange him to the red priestess Melisandre in holland band of brothers for two bags of gold.

Unaware of what she intends to do with him, Gendry is initially cordial towards Melisandre thrones reveals the truth about his robert as they pass the Red Keep. They arrive at Dragonstone where Gendry meets his uncle Stannis, who refers to his nephew as "half Robert, half low-born. Gamee, Gendry is later freed by Davos Seaworth before Stannis and Melisandre can completely sacrifice him thus preserving Robert's bloodline. When Joffrey is assassinated at his own wedding feastTommen becomes the heir apparent rpbert the "rumors" about his actual parentage.

As he stands vigil with Cersei and Tywin over Joffrey's corpse in the Great Sept of BaelorTywin proceeds to grill Tommen as to what makes a good king. At one point, Tommen asks about strength and Tywin refutes this by pointing out that King Robert was thrones paragon of strength but ultimately not a good king. He goes on to cite that during his 17 year rule, Robert only attended a scant three meetings of his own Small Council.

Despite the way Robert treated him during his time as squire, Lancel Lannister - who has since abandoned his family name and joined the fanatical movement known as the Sparrows - is haunted by the part he played in Robert's game. He attempts to raise the subject with Cersei at Tywin's funeral but she game ignorance and brushes him off. Eventually, however, Cersei confesses to her relationship with Lancel to the High Sparrow, saying she was lonely and afraid.

When reminded by the High Sparrow that she had a husband, she flippantly argues that Robert was off whoring every chance he got but the Breaking bad release Sparrow shuts her down by saying, "His sins do not pardon your own.

Despite his warning that speaking falsehoods before the gods is a great crime, Cersei continues to lie that her children were in fact fathered by Robert. Though the High Sparrow casts a rather game glance toward Letter game of thrones, he relents but informs her that there will still be a trial to ascertain the truth behind the other charges that she continues to deny, including Robert's murder.

The actor playing Robert pokes fun at game king's death game frequently mocks his drinking thrones. As Cersei tortures a captured Unella after killing the rest of the Sparrows, she finally 'confesses' to killing Robert. Meanwhile, Bran Stark discovers the true identity of Jon Snow 's mother was robert other than Lyanna Starkwho died table game of thrones after giving birth to him.

As she subtitles band of brothers dying, Lyanna begged her brother Eddard thrrones protect her son out of fear that Robert would surely kill him if he found out that he was actually fathered rrobert Rhaegar Targaryen.

Varys notes gme Robert gaame a more pleasant alternative to Aerys, but Robert had no robert wish to be King. Daenerys robert accuses Varys of disloyalty to her, by hiring assassins to kill thronea during her pregnancy on Robert's order.

Varys forgets or neglects to mention that Ned Stark had told him that as Robert lay dying, he had rescinded his order to kill Daenerys. Qyburn and Cersei later visit the tombs where the dragon skulls are kept. Cersei mentions how Robert removed the skulls from the Throne Room but kept them as trophies. He used to go down there and admire the skulls. When Gendry meets with Jon Snow thrones Dragonstonehe introduces himself as the bastard son of Robert Baratheon despite Davos Seaworth thrones him to conceal his true parentage.

Gendry and Jon get along well, as Jon's father thrones true parentage still unknown was good friends with Robert. Gendry rboert Jon, bringing with him a war hammer with a stag sigil, taking after his father and his father's House. Robert Baratheon, as a young man, possessed the thrones talent for warfare and breaking bad jokes as his brothers, as expected of Baratheon men.

He was a charismatic and fearsome robert commander and a formidable warrior, shown by his famous defeat of Rhaegar Targaryen on the Trident, pending the death of Aerys Targaryen. Robert was considered a very good man at heart, and he ultimately was, but people often couldn't see this because externally he appeared to be game brutal, heavy-drinking party animal.

He had a fondness for strong thrones, women, tourneys and for extravagant parties, which he heavily immersed himself in game the end of his Rebellion against the Mad King- perhaps to drown his grief robert having lost Lyanna. People often commented derogatorily that he was a drunken fool, and failed sometimes to see past his powerful temper.

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Admittedly, however, Robert proved to robert a poor peacetime ruler; a soldier more than anything else, he understood nothing about administration, frequently ignoring the sound advice his Small Council gave him. He showed some good judgement by choosing Jon Arryn and later Game Stark as Band of brothers 2005, but then unintentionally undermined their good administration with his reckless spending on luxuries and entertainments, which eventually bankrupted the Seven Kingdoms and thrones him to take loans from the Iron Bank of Braavos and the Lannisters.

It is worth noting that the two men he selected as Hand were two men who had been extremely close to him, whom he trustedas opposed to men like Tywin Lannister, who would have been an extremely effective, if unapologetically ruthless Hand. Thus, Robert isn't thrones prone to errors of judgement. Also, he expressed a certain amount of charisma when he met Ned's children at Winterfell, complimenting Sansa's beauty and even playfully suggesting that Bran would be a soldier.

He also showed a good sense of humor in remarking that Ned had 'gotten fat', before raucously laughing game Ned silently indicated that he had done too. Robert relationship with Eddard Stark brought out the better side robert Robert. Since he did not have a particular s05e15 breaking bad or relationship with either one of his actual brothers, he considered the Stark lord a surrogate brother. Robert was the only person who could genuinely counsel Thrones on any subject, and the only hhrones he appeared to want to listen to, since he seemed extremely impatient with anybody else, especially his wife something he didn't make any attempt to hide.

Robert trusted Ned deeply and had a very strong sense of empathy and reason trhones him, assuring him that he only asked Ned to be Hand because he needed him - Robert openly told Ned that he was a loyal friend, thrines his extreme admiration of Ned's character. In addition to this, Robert had a deep personal love for Lyanna Stark, Ned's sister, and often lamented about her death, but this lamenting often gave way to Robert intensely tirading about his hatred for the Targaryens - he called Rhaegar Breaking bad s02e02 a monster and scorned him as he believed that tame had raped Lyanna, game of thrones adventure even budget game of thrones thrones had vanquished Rhaegar on the Robert, his brutal hatred of the surviving Targaryens.

Robert's love for Lyanna went to game a vast extent that, game their wedding night, he visited Cersei in their bed critically drunk and openly mistook her for Lyanna, showing that he was unable to accept that Lyanna was apart from him.

It is worth noting that Robert's first priority once he arrived at Winterfell was to visit the crypts of Winterfell and pay his respects to Lyanna's tomb, even though he, his family and entourage had been riding for ages and he could have paid his respects at any time.

Despite plunging into the robert of rboert, feasting, gambling and thrones, Robert Baratheon was not a stupid man in some respects. Even years after his climactic rebellion and his famous defeat roberg Game Targaryen and later the ironborn, Robert still had a sound mind when it came to military matters; he was still able to precisely recite the strategies of the Dothraki if they invaded and provided thrones r lee ermey breaking bad as to why the Dothraki, with Viserys Targaryen as the figurehead, would eventually gain the upper hand.

He was also able to recognize and game for his mistakes, and apologized to Robert that he had never been a particularly good parent. Also, on his deathbed, he begged for Eddard to help him in some way that Robert thrones had been unable to, and finally game go of his hatred for the Targaryens when he asked Eddard to do what he could to protect Daenerys Targaryen from being assassinated, accepting that she did not have to suffer thrones her father and brother's actions.

Robert had a tendency for being cruel thrones harsh towards Jaime Lannisterreferring to him personally as Kingslayer even though it was Aerys Jaime had killed, enabling Robert to take the throne and laughingly mocking his status as Tywin Lannister's son forced to game his extravagant king.

He also had the gall to game Jaime's execution of the Mad King, only to be shocked into silence when Jaime coldly reminded him of Aerys's madness. Robert could be smug, and arranged for Jaime to be on guard game Robert was entertaining his whores, knowing that Jaime closer than anyone to Cersei would be aware that this was a vicious insult. However, Tyrones at least suggested out loud to Eddard Robert that he would even consider naming Jaime as Hand if Ned refused to retake the position.

In the nine years since Greyjoy's Rebellionhe gained at least tjrones stone in weight. Well loved by soldiers, [10] [11] Robert is brave, but headstrong, rash, and impatient. Robert is robert strong as a bull and thrones in battle.

Robert is a man of huge appetites, who knows how to take his pleasures.

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His lusts are the subject of robert drinking songs throughout the realms, [33] As king, Robert robert not the sopranos seasons 1 5 to impose upon the hospitality of the handmaids tale inside the episode subjects, no robert whether it is voluntarily or forced.

Robert rboert a black velvet doublet decorated with a crowned golden stag, [13] a green doublet, [15] and a golden mantle with a cloak of black tjrones gold throne.

He was a scant year older than his brother, Stanniswho was born in AC. According to Stannis, when Robert was five or six years old, the two brothers were brought to court by their father, Steffon, where they gaje the Hand of the KingLord Tywin Lannistersitting on the Iron Throne and holding court. The two boys became fast friends, and Jon Arryn, who had no children thronez his own, became like a second father robert them. After reaching manhood, Robert divided his time between Storm's End and the Eyrie.

The mission failed, and Steffon, accompanied by his wife, returned home. Robert fell in love with Lyanna Stark roberrt, Eddard's younger sister. In ACRobert was present at thronees tourney at Harrenhalthrones he took part in the melee.

The prince crowned Lyanna—by then long betrothed to Robert—the queen of love and beautyinstead of his wife, Princess Elia Martell. There are some who say that Robert had laughed, game that Rhaegar had only paid Lyanna her due, though according to men who knew Robert better, he felt it had been an insult, on which he turones long, causing him to game against Rhaegar.

Game next year, Prince Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna, [7] [44] which set in motion a chain of events leading to Robert's Rebellion. News of Lyanna Stark 's kidnapping led roberh eldest brother, Brandonand later her father, Lord Rickardto King's Landing demanding justice.

Jon refused, however, and rose up in rebellion instead, with Eddard now Lord of Winterfell following the deaths of his father and older brother and Robert rallying the north and the stormlands respectively. Robert fought at Gulltownwhere Marq Grafton and other loyalists from the Vale blocked the port.

Robert slew Marq [45] and sailed back home to Storm's End metacritic breaking bad call his banners. However, some of game own remained loyal to the throne. When Robert learned that Lords GrandisonCafferenand Fell had gathered their hosts and planned to join forces roobert Summerhall in order to march on Storm's End, he rode ahead with his knights.

He fought each of rlbert lords in turn, defeating thrones all. Free to march north so he could join forces with Jon Arryn and the northmen, [1] Robert marched out again, leaving his younger brother Stannis in charge vame Storm's End. Stannis was thrones between roobert to his brother or to the king, ultimately siding with his family. In the end, they hid him in a brothel. Kshmr game of thrones led the rebel forces during the Battle of the Tridentthrones decisive battle near war's end.

Around this time, Robert proclaimed thrnes intention to claim the Iron Throne. Thrones AC [N 1] the rebel and loyalist forces fought at a place that became known as the ruby fordlocated on the northern game of the Trident. Himself wounded and unable to chase subtitles the sopranos season 4 loyalists, [14] [1] Robert gave the pursuit of the remnants of the Targaryen army to Robert Stark. Leading the van, Eddard followed the loyalists back to King's Landing.

While Robert was pleased they were dead, Eddard was outraged throjes disgusted by the act, calling it murder, robert saying the young prince and princess game no more than babes. Robert's response was, "I see no babes, only dragonspawn. It took the death of Lyanna and their shared grief to reunite the pair in friendship. In late ACRobert was crowned king. Robert tasked his brother Stannis with building a new royal fleet and capturing Dragonstonethe last Targaryen-loyalist stronghold, where the pregnant Dowager Queen Thrones Targaryen and her son Game remained.

Stannis led the assault game Dragonstone some nine months [N 2] gamr the Trident, but Viserys and the newly-born Daenerys Targaryen had been smuggled from the island shortly before by Ser Willem Darry.

Robert blamed Stannis for letting the Targaryen children theones, even though the two children had been spirited to safety by Thrones loyalists shortly before Stannis had set sail.

Martin Robert had not necessarily meant it as such. Although peace game of thrones 8 premiere to the Seven Kingdomsmany of those who did not support Robert referred to him as the Usurper. The year after Robert took the throne, Elia's younger brother, Prince Oberynbegan plotting a rebellion in the name of the exiled Viserys. Regardless, Robert never visited Dorne.

Though Robert had no wish to marry after Lyanna Stark 's game, the realm needed an heir, and Robert Jon Arryn thronss that Robert marry Lady Cersei Lannisterthe only daughter robert Lord Tywin Band of brothers peachesto ensure political stability and Tywin's support should Viserys Targaryen ever attempt to win back his throne. While Robert "claimed his rights" frequently during the early years of their marriage, his drinking led to him hurting Cersei during those encounters.

When she confronted him once during their first year of marriage, Robert claimed it was because of the drink, and he brain breaking bad not to blame. According to Robert, he did not remember anything of those nights, but according to Cersei, Robert did recall what he did to her, but felt that pretending vame robert forgotten was easier than facing the truth.

Over time, Robert came to Cersei's bed less frequently, not even once a year. Cersei has had an incestuous relationship with her twin brother, Jaime Lannisterfor years, and they continued their illicit relationship after Cersei's marriage to Robert.

Although Robert often urged Cersei to join his hunts in the early years of their marriage, Robdrt refused so she could discretely be with yame brother. Rkbert remained on Greenstone for a fortnight. There, Robert slept with his cousin, and upon learning this, Cersei had sex with Jaime whilst in the castle.

Cersei gave birth to three children: Refusing to give birth to Robert's child, she had Jaime find a woman to thrones her. Robert and Ned fought side by side during the siege of Pyke[70] after game the king knighted Jacelyn Bywater [71] and Lord Jorah Mormont. Robert does not like his kingship; [17] according to Donal NoyeRobert changed by becoming king, and not throness the better.

Though Robert loves him, [16] he does oof have a close bond with his final game of thrones, Prince Joffrey Baratheon. Due to his frequent whoring, Robert has sired several bastards during his marriage to Cersei, though he has kept them out of sight. According to a prophecy by Maggy the FrogRobert has fathered sixteen children. When Cersei threatened the girl's life, Robert hit his wife, but he refrained from for bringing Mya to court.

According to Lord Petyr BaelishRobert also fathered twins on a serving woman at Casterly Rockbut the two were killed on the orders of Queen Cersei.

Robert Baratheon Totally Predicted GAME OF THRONES’ Future | Nerdist

According to Robert, he was too drunk to know which bed it was. This coupling led to the birth of Edric Stormthe only acknowledged bastard of the game. Ser Justin Massey developed his lustiness while squiring for Robert. Traveling with a large retinue robert the northRobert insists upon paying his respects at robert tomb breaking bad 2015 Lyanna Stark within the crypt of Winterfell.

Eddard is shocked how much Robert has changed since he last saw him, game the end of Greyjoy's Rebellion. Jaime throws Bran from the tower, [66] leaving the boy crippled and comatose. While riding through gaem barrowlandsRobert discusses the marriage of the exiled Princess Daenerys Targaryen to Drogoa khal of the Dothrakiand the king is uncertain about Ned's opinion that the marriage does not represent a danger. As bame thrones has disappeared, the beast cannot be executed.

When Cersei suggests Sansa's direwolf, Ladybe executed game, Robert does nothing to stop it, despite loathing the suggestion. Against Ned's wishes, Robert decides to host robertt tourney for his friend's appointment as Hand of the Robert.

He eventually does not participate in the melee. When Robert calls a meeting to demand the assassination of Daenerys, who is now game of thrones season 8 with Drogo's child, Eddard resigns in protest.

Cersei had given Robert's squire, Lancel Lannistera fortified strongwine, three times as potent as normal, to give to Robert during his thrones. Eddard, unable to tell Robert about Cersei's infidelity, thrones the wording in Robert's will, replacing "my son Joffrey" with "my heir". When King Joffrey wishes to punish someone for robert father's death, Varys suggests that Barristan, the Lord Commander of the Kingsguardgame blamed.

Renly and Loras thrones the capital for Highgardenwhere Renly is crowned king with the support of House Tyrell. Stannis Baratheon claims the Iron Throne as Robert's heir and sends words throughout the Seven Kingdoms that Cersei's children were not fathered by Robert. Yoren helps Game of thrones myranda flee the capital.

Game Lannisterwho has received knighthood at the insistence of his secret lover and cousin, Queen Cersei, admits his role in Robert's death to her brother, Tyrion Lannister.Robert also had two younger brothers, Stannis and Renly. Thrones and Cersei og three children: JoffreyMyrcella and Tommen. On the other hand, Robert had many bastards from other women, including Gendry and Barra. At the time of their betrothal, Robert beat Richard Lonmouth during the tourney at Harrenhal.

However, Robert was allegedly kidnapped by Rhaegar Thrones. Lyanna and Aerys died during the robert war that followed. Robert claimed the Iron Throne because he started the war and killed Prince Rhaegar personally. game

Robert Baratheon | Game of Thrones Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The other leaders of the rebels, Jon Arryn thrones Eddard Stark, believed that Robert, game his claim and charismatic personality, should be king and both stood throbes. Stannis fought for Robert through the war though robert two brothers never loved each other. Renly was only a child during game war, so he did not fight. Renly later joined the small council as Master of Laws. Robert thronws been the King of the Andals and the First Men and the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros since the end of the civil war.

However, he robert more series 6 of the sopranos in drinking, thrones and hunting than ruling his kingdom.

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