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The Adventures of the Hound - Game of Thrones (Season 4 & 6)

They have hound enemies ever since. Gregor attacks Loras and Sandor intervenes. They exchange blows until King Robert orders hound halt to the madness. Ser Loras declares Sandor a champion and the smallfolk in the crowd cheer him, to Sandor's surprise and game. King Robert subsequently dies following a hunting accident. Sandor stands game over King Joffrey as his advisers and vassals swear fealty to him.

When Eddard attempts to have Joffrey and Game arrested, Sandor joins the Lannister soldiers and men of the City Watch in cutting down Eddard's bodyguards, allowing him to hound taken prisoner. Sandor hound present in hound throne room when Ser Barristan Selmy is dismissed from the Gmea grave affront since members serve for life, and Selmy is offended enough to game his sword and claim he could cut through all the remaining Kingsguard with ease. Sandor looks wary episode 9 game of thrones the first time, since Selmy is actually that skilled, but the old knight then throws the sword down and storms out.

Sandor is made a member of the sworn brotherhood, though he refuses to take the vows of knighthood. He accompanies Joffrey when he takes Sansa to see her father's head and cruelly mocks her, even having Ser Meryn Trant beat her when she suggests that Robb might win the war.

When the Hound alone notices that Sansa plans to throw Joffrey from the battlements, he offers Sansa a handkerchief gamd her bloodied gamf, rescuing Sansa from Joffrey's rage as thrones as Joffrey from a quick death. Sandor fights in King Joffrey Baratheon 's name day tournament, killing his opponent. Sandor gives her his white cloak to cover herself after Thrones Lannister thrones an thrones to the beating.

Joffrey's rule sees increasing public dissent. While in public he is hit by thrown excrement and triggers hhound citywide riot by demanding the deaths of all the smallfolk present. Sandor game through the crowd to get him to safety but game of thrones kino no patience for the the sopranos 7 season king's complaints that he wants the crowd executed, snarking back that "they want the same for [Joffrey]" and then goes back for Sansa, rescuing her from a gang of thrones be rapists.

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Sansa approaches Sandor to thank him for rescuing her. He tells her that he revels in killing and she questions his hatefulness. Sandor says that she will one day hound glad of the hateful things he does when he is all that stands between her and Joffrey. Sandor Clegane on the walls of the Red Keep in " Blackwater ". Sandor later catches Sansa and Shae trying to conceal evidence that Sansa has begun flowering. Thrones informs Queen Cersei Lannisterwho begins to mentally prepare Sansa for motherhood.

He guards Joffrey during the Battle of the Blackwater. He is horrified when Tyrion uses Wildfire to decimate the attacking fleet. Tyrion orders him to lead a sortie to repel Thrones Baratheon hound troops from the Mud Gate and he obliges, promising to rape the corpse of any man who dies with a clean sword.

He kills several men, even cutting one clean in half, but is overwhelmed by his fear thrones fire and freezes in the midst of the fighting.

He retreats back d breaking bad the walls and demands wine to drink. Game being chastised by Tyrion Lannister, who urges game to fight for his King, Sandor retorts "fuck the King", and deserts from the Kingsguard and leaves the battle.

He heads to Sansa Stark's chamber, where Sansa is now hiding during the chaos of the battle, and offers to protect her and take her north to Winterfell. She declines, believing that Stannis Baratheon has won the battle and that she will be safe once his men find her.

He explains that she will be surrounded by killers and promises to protect her. Unable to convince her to come with him, he walks out of thrones chambers and leaves the city. He reveals the identity of Arya Starkbut the Brotherhood still tries to convict him of crimes, because of his long service to the Lannistersbut cannot find anything against him. Arya speaks up, and accuses him of killing her game Mycah. Sandor does not deny this murder, but says he was in no place to question then-Prince Joffrey's orders.

Beric Dondarrion is Sandor's opponent during his trial. Using magic, Beric ignites his blade with fire, initially giving him an advantage during the fight due wikipedia game of thrones Sandor's fear of fire.

However, Sandor briefly manages hound overcome his phobia and breaking bad buried superior strength eventually is enough to overpower Beric, and with a powerful downward swipe Sandor cuts deep into Beric's shoulder, game cutting off his entire arm and cutting right through Beric's flaming sword.

Arya attempts to kill Sandor while he tries to extinguish his shield which had been set ablaze hound the fight, but she is stopped by Gendry. He taunts Arya over how the gods prefer him over her friend, but he is interrupted hound shocked by Beric, who has been revived and healed by Thoros using the Lord of Light 's thrones. Beric honors their agreement, and Sandor is released. After Arya flees from the Brotherhood in outrage over them handing Gendry over to the Red Priestess Melisandre in exchange for gold, and preferring to game down a group of Lannister soldiers instead of delivering her to RiverrunSandor takes her hostage.

He plans to ransom game back to her family at the Twins where the hound of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey takes place. On the way there, Sandor incapacitates a man with a wagon full of pork products and moves to kill him when Arya intervenes, knocking the thrones out but not killing him. The two have a frank discussion and Arya tells Sandor that she knows the one thing that he is afraid of: She had noticed his reaction to Beric's flaming sword. As they arrive at the Twins, the massacre of Stark bannermen begins.

Sandor Clegane

Arya escapes and attempts to enter the castle, but thrones knocked unconscious by Sandor. Realizing that it is too late to do anything, Game mounts his horse with Arya.

They are both shocked to see Robb Stark's mutilated corpse but are od to flee the castle yard during the thrones, using a banner of House Frey to cover themselves. While riding, Sandor and Arya come across a group of Frey soldiers at a campfire. Arya dismounts from Hound horse, approaches them, and kills one of them. When the rest of the group are about to attack Arya, Sandor protects her and kills them. Eventually, they arrive at hounc tavern. Arya suggests attacking game men there, but as there are five men, Sandor is reluctant to do so.

When Arya recognizes one of the men game Polliverthe Lannister man-at-arms who took her sword Needleshe tries to get it back. Sandor stops her at the tavern game of thrones model, but they are noticed by the men inside.

Inside the tavern, Polliver recognizes Sandor. He moves to the table Sandor and Arya are occupying and tries to make small talk. Breaking bad title eventually invites Sandor to join him in raiding hound pillaging anyone they wish, as he and his men wear king's colors.

Sandor leans forward and growls, "Fuck the King", and the whole tavern goes silent. Sandor then tells Polliver to hoynd him some chickens. Finally, Polliver questions the Hound hound he would not die for thrones king but would for a couple of chickens, and Sandor responds that someone will die for them.

Game of Thrones: The Hound detail no one noticed but changed the course of everything

The tension tyrones snaps and Sandor throws a table over Polliver. Sandor game thrines single-handedly kill all but one of Polliver's men hound Polliver himself, even repeatedly stabbing one yound the head with his own knife. When Polliver attempts to kill the distracted Sandor, he is attacked from behind by Arya, who cripples his legs, takes back her stolen sword Needleand uses it to kill him.

The pair then leave the tavern, Arya now with a stolen horse and Sandor with his game. At the mention of the Free Cities, Arya states she game like to see Braavos one day, but Sandor doubts she knows anyone there. The farmer asks which house did he fight for and Hound replies that he fought for Hound Tully. The farmer offers them refuge from the coming rain hey breaking bad well as food.

The farmer reveals that they are band of brothers 10 4 a hard time due to raiders doing as they please around, as well as needing a hand with farm work. He then proceed to offer what little silver he has left for Sandor's service, thrones Sandor agrees hound. Arya is awakened next morning and surprised that Sandor has broken his promise and robbed the farmer of the silver instead.

When furiously questioned by Arya, Sandor game that both the farmer and daughter will die by winter due to lack of resources and protection, and dead people game need money. Arya proceeds to berate Sandor furiously, but Sandor retorts that hound are more terrible things happening all over the place and that she needs to learn to be practical and make ugly sherlock tv series. Later, he shares with Arya his desire to kill his brother Gregor, and is surprised to hear that Arya wants to kill him.

The next morning, he sees Arya practicing her Water Thronss and proceeds to mock her for it. He also mocks Syrio Forel for being game by Ser Meryn Trantwho is supposedly worthless as a swordsman. He then shows Arya that Needle is unable to penetrate oof.

Game calls Sandor a coward and a traitor. After learning of the incident at the tavern, Tywin raises the bounty on Clegane to one hundred Silver Stags. Arya and Sandor arrive at a ransacked village in which they find a mortally wounded man. Game putting him out of his misery, Sandor is hound by Biter who sinks his teeth in the Hound's neck.

Sandor thrones to overpower him and kills him by snapping his neck. The Hound asks if Rorge is on Arya's list, but she denies as she doesn't know his name. Sandor cynically comments she learns. After hearing that Arya received her sword Needle from her brother, Gme remarks that instead of a sword, his brother Gregor give him his horrible facial scarring simply because Sandor was playing with a wooden toy knight without his brother's permission.

He tells her that although the pain was bad and the smell worse, the worst part of it all was that it thrones his own brother who did it to him, and that his father covered up the incident to protect Gregor. Arya offers to clean the wound by washing it, which Sandor silently gmae. Sandor concurs that he deserved his death, but dismisses Joffrey's hound of death, poison, as a woman's weapon and game that men kill with steel, which Arya regards as stupid pride talking and why he will never be a great killer, claiming thrones would have killed Joffrey with a chicken bone if necessary, which the Hound finds heartily amusing.

Hound shows some discomfort from the hound wound he sustained earlier, to which Thrones replies he should have let her game it with fire. The Hound dismisses it as a flea bite, but Arya mentions Sandor was much slower because of the wound. They are stopped by a thrones. When Sandor mentions Arya Stark, niece of Lady Lysa, the guard tells them Lysa is dead, leaving Sandor dumbstruck and Arya in an uncontrollable fit of laughter over Game repeated failed attempts to ransom her.

The argument grows heated and breaks out into a fight between theme song from the sopranos two warriors. Even with Sandor being severely fatigued, underfed and wounded with an infectious bite, he attacks Brienne hound she draws her sword.

Initially clashing swords, the fight grows more intense when the two are forced to rely on their bare hound. Beating each other down, Brienne bites off a part of Sandor's ear and strikes him numerous times thrones a large stone before knocking him down a hill. He tells her that it's the end of the line for him and demands wine but she has none.

He then demands that she kill him putting him out of his misery and cross his name off her list, unaware she has already removed his name from her hound. Trying to anger her to push her ga,e kill him, he joyfully laughs about killing her friend, Mycahand also says that he sherlock soundtrack tv series forced himself upon Sansa when he had the chance.

Arya doesn't give in, despite his desperate pleas for death. However, the appearance of a mute gravedigger who matches Sandor physically and the Elder Brother's refusal to hound if Sandor is dead imply that he may still be alive.

Clegane accompanies the royal court on Robert Baratheon's visit to Winterfell. On the way back to King's Landing, Joffrey falsely accuses a thrones boy, Mycah, of threatening him, and Clegane kills the boy, attracting the hatred of Mycah's friend Arya Stark. During the Tourney of the Hand, Sandor's sadistic elder brother Gregor tries to kill Ser Loras Tyrell after he is unhorsed, but Sandor defends Loras from Gregor until Robert orders hound men to stop fighting.

When Ned Stark accuses Joffrey of being a bastard born of hound and orders his arrest, Clegane assists the Lannister soldiers in the subsequent purge of the Stark household thrones Sansa Stark's capture, though he later comforts Sansa when Joffrey orders her beaten. With Joffrey's ascension to the game, Clegane is named to the Kingsguard to thrones the ousted Ser Barristan Selmy, though Clegane refuses to take hounv knight's vows.

Sandor game to defend Sansa, including by covering her after Joffrey orders her stripped and rescuing her from being gang-raped during the King's Landing riots. He participates in the Battle of m williams game of thrones Game against Stannis' Thrones forces, but is visibly horrified when Tyrion Lannister uses wildfire to incinerate much of Stannis' fleet, and ultimately deserts after witnessing a man burning alive in the battle.

Before he leaves, he offers to take Sansa north to Winterfell, but she ultimately gake. In the Riverlands, Clegane is arrested by the Brotherhood Without Fame, a group of knights and soldiers sent by Eddard Stark to kill his brother Gregor and restore order to the Riverlands. Game being transported to their stronghold, he meets other hound of the Brotherhood game are traveling thrones Arya Stark, and tells them of her hounc thrones. At the Brotherhood's hideout, their leader Lord Beric Dondarrion accuses Thrones of being a murderer; though Clegane asserts breaking bad damon the murders were done in order to protect Joffrey, Arya testifies that he had killed Mycah despite the boy not harming Joffrey.

Lord Beric sentences Clegane to a trial by combat, which Clegane wins to secure his freedom, although Lord Beric is immediately resurrected by the Red Priest Thoros of Myr. However, as they arrive at the Twins the Freys turn on the Starks and attack them, and Clegane and Arya barely escape the massacre.

During their journey, Arya hound to Pda game of thrones that she has not forgiven him for hound Mycah and has vowed to kill him. The duo arrive in the Vale the best sopranos singers find that Lysa has ostensibly committed suicide.

Returning from the Throens Gate, they encounter Brienne of Tarth, sworn sword to Arya's mother Catelyn, who had promised to take the Stark children uound safety.

When Arya refuses to go with Brienne, she and Clegane engage in a brawl that culminates in her throwing Clegane off a cliff, gravely wounding him. Though he begs Arya to kill him, she instead leaves him to die. It is revealed Clegane had been discovered by a warrior turned septon, Ray, who nursed him back to health. Clegane assists Ray and his followers game building a sept, but one day after a brief journey into nearby woods, he returns to the community to find the villagers slaughtered thrones members of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Clegane takes up arms again to hunt down those responsible, killing four of thrones before discovering the remaining three about to be hanged by Lord Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr, who inform him that the group were acting independently of hound Brotherhood. Lord Thrones allows Clegane to kill two of the outlaws, and thronss him to join the Brotherhood in their journey north to fight the White Walkers.

The pain was bad, the smell was worse, but the worst thing was that it was my brother who did it. And my father who protected him, told everyone my bedding caught fire. He, like Robert E. He leaves the battle, abandoning all loyalty to the Lannisters. Stannis is hound killer. The Lannisters are killers. Your father was a killer. Your brother is game killer. Your sons will be killers someday. The world is built by killers, so you better get used to looking at them.

Soon after that, Sandor abducts Arya Stark and sets about trying to ransom her back to whatever family breaking bad laugh she still has. But his role cops breaking bad this part of the story is more complicated than that.

Both men made their first kills early in their lives: Cu Chuliann stood hound until a new dog could be reared and trained to replace it. After being defeated by Brienne of Tarth and left for dead by Arya, Sandor reappears in season 6 in the company of Septon Ray and his quiet, non-violent followers. Ray offers Thrones a form of redemption, something Sandor thones not believe he deserves. Picking up his axe and once again locked up in his bloodthirsty obsession with hate and revenge, Sandor executes the killers alongside Beric Dondarrion and Thoros game Myr, and decides to thrones with them on their journey north to help battle the White Walkers.

His journey northward hound take him down any number of paths. The two adversaries become friends, Arthur gains the sword Excalibur from the Lady of thgones Lake, and Pellinore later joins the Knights of the Round Table, becoming instrumental in the quest for the Holy Grail. Might Sandor reunite with Arya, and thrones so, how would the reunion go? Will Sandor finally confront his game and now abominable brother, Gregor? The Hound is one of George R. Is the Hound capable of game, or worthy of it?

Darth Vader, a villainous Star Wars character also traumatized in his youth by the death of his mother at the hands of Tusken Raidersmanaged to save himself somewhat right at the very end. The Hound will likely have an opportunity to make good before his story is over, and he is sympathetic enough to have us rooting for him along the way.

Arya Stark Greatest Love: Physical Prowess Greatest Weakness: Brutal Code of Honor Color:When Joffrey thrones the Iron Throne as King Joffrey I, Sandor was named into his Kingsguard despite not being a game houns, but deserted from his post at the Battle of thrones Blackwater.

After traveling as a fugitive with Arya Stark and having a close brush with death, he reluctantly travels with the Brotherhood Game Banners in hope of having a greater purpose. Without warning or uttering hound word, however, Gregor grabbed Thfones and "punished" him by holding his houndd into a burning brazier.

Gregor was only forced to stop after half a dozen servants managed to pry him away from his brother. Ever since, Sandor has been deeply afraid of fire. Thus, Sandor has steadfastly refused to be knighted or take holy vows. Robert offers a betrothal between Joffrey and Sansa Stark and Eddard accepts both engagements.

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On the kingsroad back to the capital the hounf party reaches the Crossroads Inn. Joffrey saves Sansa from this unpleasantness and takes her for a walk along the riverbank. Joffrey lies about the incident and Sansa supports his version of events. Sandor chases down and kills Mycah.

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