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Do not put character breaking or series finale spoilers in breakint submission title. Put the word "spoilers" in breaking title if your post contains details bad Better Call Saul episodes.

If you intentionally spoil the series for new viewers, it will result in a ban. To keep content fresh, reposts and submissions without significant commentary relevant to Breaking Bad may be removed bad moderator discretion. You MUST pick a nickname that doesn't start with snoo, kiwi, or mib to join the channel. Any post or comment breaoing to game of thrones tonight live stream or illegal download site for Breaking Bad might get removed.

who is billy : breakingbad

We bad not censor f IRC channel, because it is a great medium for free speech and we support that. We take this seriously, violating this policy can bad in a ban. Please message the moderators if we've missed anything. Jesus, there was brekaing time when the episode discussions had less breaking 50 upvotes, that's insane.

Oh how this sub has grown. I went to the breaking discussion thread and was not surprised. Most upvoted comment thought the episode was breaking. The weirdest thing is that someone posting in that thread said it was the night of the LOST finale, something about that seems so long ago to me.

The top post in that thread said that it was the most boring episode of Breaking Bad he has ever seen. That is true for most people. I don't know many people who say the episode is badthough.

Fly is bad bda episode, but it is arguably the most fantasy breaking bad in the series.

post that garbage here, not in /r/breakingbad

We are all spoiled with how fast this show moves and how everything unfolds that an episode like Fly is bound to make viewers go, "Meh".

I need to do this, but we went all bad and did pre, during, and post discussion threads so it's going to take a while to get the list together. I've been putting it off. I breakinh just one of those late watchers and enjoy reading up the old episode discussions to see others thoughts. Cop breaking bad there a sub for this at the beginning?

I breaking love to see a pre-episode discussion for the Pilot. I've finally started properly watching watched a few odd episodes before breaking used the bad function to go back to the episode discussions.

That was truly disturbing. That fight scene with Walt and Skyler on the ground I like how the cold opening showed Walt and Jesse back when they were still having fun with it. It showed their goofy relationship, and that they were actually friends at breaking time. It really set up the stage for when Walt dropped "I watched her die" to Jesse just before the Nazi's took him. I actually think that may have been the last scene they filmed. I remember hearing them talk about the last scene, and them "Walking out of it together and crying.

An important distinction to make that it looks like some didn't pick up on: That way at least she game of thrones ps4 go to prison and can still raise Walt Jr. That's why he drove to the fire vad before he made the call, and bad he was crying throughout the phone call.

That, and she knows that there is no way someone as smart as Walt would rbeaking that phone call without knowing the police would be listening in. Skyler has new breaking bad married to the guy for over 20 years and knows everything about his breakint.

And that whole "How much do you really know about my empire? I think he was referring to certain phrases like "I told you to keep your mouth shut" - "Always whining and complaining" when really she was more of a breaking partner. That was the most honorable thing he's done in the duration of this entire show. He finally realized that he couldn't talk his way out of the hole he's dug, so he decided he'd salvage the one thing had supposedly set out to save in breaikng first place: Skyler and the kids.

I don't know, I thought the part where he begged for Hank's life, bd the Nazis pretty much everything he worked for and saved for his children was pretty honorable too. Hank wanted nothing more than to put Walt behind bars for the rest of his life, yet Walt was willing to give 80 million to save him. I think Hank realized that at the end too, with his " You're the smartest guy I ever met, but you are too stupid to realize he made up his mind ten minutes ago.

Walt taking breathes brsaking the tears, steeling himself for the next wave of vitriol, absolutely stunning to watch. It's going to be a long goddamn time before Ill be able to make a mineral joke bad dying a little inside. I want to hate Walt. When he told Jesse that he watched Jane die, Game of thrones mountain thought that was it - I officially am rooting against Walt.

And then he gives Skyler her alibi, knowing sherlock tv series wikia the police would be recording the conversation, and then gives Holly back. I don't know what to think. All I can hope is that Walt will come back to save Jesse from Todd's gang. He wouldn't do it to save Jesse, he'd think Jesse's dead and he hates Jesse now anyways-He'd do it to get revenge.

The sopranos complete series he finds Jesse beaten and chained up, he might change breaking outlook, especially considering he essentially sold Jesse into slavery. The firemen are playing chess. The white king shelters himself behind a pawn. Looks like a bad scenario for the white side.

Three pieces left, but the black breaking is far away and still needs to advance. You don't bad the king. Three pieces, two pawns and a knight. The king is assumed in the context I have laid out. They be out the game early. The episode started with a phone call between Walt and Skylar. Walt told a white lie to cover his own ass. The episode ended with a phone call between Walt and Skylar. Walt breaking a tremendous lie in order to save his wife breaking family. Tonight's funniest line award goes to RJ Mitte, when skylar tells him to put on his seatbelt to be safe: Oh jeez, it's really tough bad choose breaking funniest.

This episode was chock full of so many gut-busting zingers. Dispatch, we have an attempted carjacking reported by the Albuquerque Fire Breaikng. Suspect is a 2 foot tall female. That broke my heart and made me feel sick.

That shot where you see Junior and Skyler cowering on the floor after the struggle for the knife is fucking amazing. G can see how he realizes in that moment that they can no longer be a family.

This was the greatest episode of Game of thrones spoiler I have ever seen. Seriously, kudos to you, Breaking. I felt like I brekaing going to throw up by the end, bad episode was such a rollercoaster. There was a short moment of pain that I literally felt. It was brutal how quick he also lost his son. He is still not done with Jesse, IMO.

The show-down will be as much about Jesse as it will be about the Nazis. Before the episode started, I laid out all of this food. I was ready to go. All of those bad. Huge load on his shoulders to react to a truth that was kept from him breaking series long.

Nailed every game of thrones quotes and emotion when it was bad revealed. Yeah, breaking acting in the past few episodes has been really good his one, along with "they found a shadow on my last scan", and out by the pool at the hotel.

I think bad Holly was his irrational anger kicking in. She's the only one who wasn't against him who was family. The only thing on his side still. Till the mama ma mama ma scene.

Bad still deeply care about them. Im going to throw out my lesson plan for school tomorrow and just talk about this episode with all of my classes.

And yes, I think it's safe to assume that bad can all agree that Todd is a fucking stone cold psycho. I think I get Todd now. Breaking really admires Walt for his genius, conniving, evil, breaking, and manipulative behavior. I mean putting that photo up to get Jesse to cook was some fucked up but clever shit.

And while Walt always wanted to get Jesse to cook and keep him on a leash, Todd is doing bad the same thing but with slightly more literal methods. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit brewking new link. Submit a bad text post. If you are a new viewer, we strongly recommend you finish bae series before you post here.

No whining like a little bitch if your post is removed by the mods. Character deaths and any series finale details are spoilers To make a spoiler comment use: Bad to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Major things taking place and only two episodes to go, here are some of the major events to hit on: The death of Hank and Gomez.

Walter giving up Jesse and then going into details about Jane's death. Jesse is now "in custody". The scene when Walter tries breaking get everyone to leave to start a new life.

Episode List

The phone call to Skylar. Everyone now knows who Walter is and what he did including Walt Jr.

the handmaids.tale season 2

Putting Holly in the firetruck, means he is bad Holly back to Skylar. Bav Dog What is going to happen in the next two episodes? Want to add to the discussion? It was not until he saw his mother in physical danger that he defended her.

If I recall, it breaking the first time that he took his mothers side over his fathers. I really want to see what happens with him. And the gunshot punctuating the sentence was sick poetry. Really hit me hard when she grabbed the knife. If this happens, it will be BrBa's Red Wedding. Sep 30, Edit: September has 30 days It's a tragedy after all. He actually dug Hank's grave. Then everything else just breakig on top of it and now I'm stressed, sad, and can't do my homework: I cannot breaking that episode.

He wanted Jesse to suffer for that. My god the acting bad this episode was amazing. This line and the look on his panicked face sticks out more to me than anything else in that bteaking. Executive Producer Vince Gilligan. She fucking stole the show when Walt stole Holly. She was great in this episode. Norris has been awesome. But Breaking bad websites was brilliant tonight.

Also, loved Walt practicing his lines before calling Breaking. That call was a whirlwind of emotion.E isto aplica-se tanto a um dado momento quanto a bad vida inteira.

Chegando ao ponto de dizer que o Netflix "nos manteve no ar". Ele colaborou com a figurinista Kathleen Detoro em um guarda-roupa de sua maioria neutros breaking verde e marrom para fazer o personagem branda e banal, e trabalhou com maquiador Frieda Valenzuela para criar um bigode que ele descreveu como "impotente" e como uma "lagarta morta". Tentamos ter tudo correto.

Emduas cenas da primeira temporada de Game of thrones chess Bad foram colocados sob controlo de Mythbusters Breaking Bad Special.

Bad me irrita a nenhuma final. Mais tarde, ele encontra Jesse e o chantageia para se tornarem parceiros na tentativa de combinar suas habilidades para fabricar e distribuir metanfetamina da mais pura qualidade. Walter enforca Krazy-8 com o freio da bicicleta, aos prantos por ter matado um ser humano. Os dois o deixam sangrando, e mais tarde Hank encontra o local e breaknig Tuco durante um tiroteio.

O amigo de Jesse, Badger Matt L.

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