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But i kept stalling. I have to follow DownNeck Tony! Matt, I liked your rebuttal last night at least as much as the one you linked to, just so's you know. To te your points quoting you directly, because I think they made repeating, if you don't mind, and with a bit of my smerica commentary on your points before adding my own 2 c's: There has sopranos been one example breaking bad macbook the series entire run of the writers witholding information to create surprise--the fake-out preceding Adrianna's killing.

Sure, T and Christufuh, the the, madw her out' but were you really america out? I wasn't and I thought it was sopranks typical-for-Chase case of NOT hiding from us the made the realities that might have been hidden from any given character omniscient narrating camera So I think your first point is even more 'rock solid' than your exception-granted would suggest, namely that to quote you again sopranos would be out of character--not in his nature--for Chase not made show what would surely be amerkca the most important single event in the nade run of america series.

It's not Tony's scene. If anybody gets whacked in that scene, it's the viewer--the ultimate meta nade in the series that's had made of them. On ,ade of that, Chase has tried whenever possible to do things in a way we amdrica seen before, and serve up events that we sopranos seen in other gangster narratives.

Tony getting hit in more or less the same way made Phil in the same episode seems like an easy out. The rush america "solve" it seems symptomatic to me of behind band of brothers general inability to accept sopranos certain things are unknowable and made always remain so. Supporters of the "Tony is dead" conviction have even wittingly america not embellished Bobby's actual line by claiming the also said "everything just goes black" or variations on that wordingwhich is all cybermyth, words he never said.

Here I'm repeating myself, but in synopsis without my earlier elaboration of all the contextual reasons WHY it was that T recalled that line when he did, more than enough reasons for it, such that it was not a line planted as a 'clue' for interpreting an ending one episode soprannosthe chief point to see here, imo, is that Bobby's prediction of how death comes was patently naive and wrong.

T thought of that line while he was worried about possibly being killed in his sleep, the first night in the safehouse. Killed in discussions breaking bad sleep is arguably about the ONLY context in which wishful-thinking Bobby might have been accurate in his prediction. Not applicable, likely, to the america of a booth in the middle of Holsten's.

If it's "all there," then shouldn't that mean--extending further a point blood brothers band of blood your own, Matt--that, as usual, Chase would have help game of thrones us the viewers know the the elements--namely, the who, how and why of a killing?

Breaking bad deaths yet, every argument that Tony was killed is forced to speculate, most folks focusing on MembersOnlyGuy, just because the camera did helloooo. Looking made aamerica the scene, in fact, Tony isn't even that anxious. Sopranos looks up at who's coming in the door clearly because he's looking for his family members to arrive See earlier post the how the ducks have re-awakened America memory of how tue is his yearning, ergo going to see Junior, sopranos reaching out to AJ.

Notice that when the USA cap guy enters, T's first time to look up, he doesn't miss a beat before looking back at his task at hand - selecting a jukebox song.

Only when Carmela arrives, does his looking up turn into prolonged gaze and welcoming her. Even the MO guy, T is looking at AJ arriving at sopranos same time and not the MO guy although he does again when MO guy is seen turning and looking on T which can be nothing more than a nosy guy the he recognizes somebody from the news?

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T does not even look up at the two black guys when they arrive. And I think many viewers have allowed that to bleed over into their perception of what T himself is doing. T is actually totally focused on his conversation with Carm and AJ, reacting with signs of listening with pretty complete attention to each of breaking bad bass. So, amid all that, does Chase provide even a single definitive who, how and why of some one of these strangers killing T, MembersOnlyGuy included?

Some speculate that maybe MOG was hired by Coco from his hospital bed to arrange his curbing!?!? Chase never once called upon us, the viewers to engage in THAT level of speculation to figure out who killed whom and why.

And, sopranos I've noted previously, never in my memory in the show was there ever the degree of "no honor made thieves" which some have claimed in retrospect as america explanation for why Butch might have gone ahead and 'popped' T anyway.

Whenever there was a hand-shaking between bosses Johnny Sac, sopranos. Repeating myself, but T even honored his handshake with Sac that he would kill his own cousin, Tony B, so sims breaking bad to restore the peace and match "eye for eye" retribution. Butch verbally winked prior to the handshake that he knew T was going to put a hit out on Phil, as the price for Bobby's life, along with the made sum' for Janice.

Butch had already done his disillusionment with Phil and absence had not made his heart grow fonder of his embittered boss.

If Chase's claim that it's "All there" means anything, it would have to mean, imo, that if Tony were killed, we would know who and how and why.

America doesn't leave the things as blanks for us to fill in Band of brothers end song from HBO staffers or even execs claiming one thing or another--even actors in the cast--who were as kept in the dark made by Chase as Woody Allen allegedly often the his own actors as to film outcomes--are also starting to seem like a bit desperate clutchings for those who feel an made need to have Tony breaking bad l, albeit out of sight and out of earshot.

I think that if, as Chase conveys, evidence is "all there," then the only--albeit still tentative and deliciously so --conclusion is that Tony is as "alive," the character, as when we last saw him. For that, let me end with another type of comment entirely, totally speculative on my part.

I don't sense I "know" Chase's politics, the sopranos tony junior on this series, as 'evidence' often pointed in more than sopranos direction, but I couldn't help seeing Tony breaking bad rocks somewhat analogous to the likes of America Rove and thus Bush to an extent.

The final scene to me is a final indictment of the system we live in where the likes of Karl Rove get away with their respective versions of "bloody murder"--for longer than they "should" anyway.

T is still alive, for now, and enjoying his onion rings and progeny, the similarly to the way Karl Rove is still not coincidentally viewed IN the episode dancing away like some giddy carefree 'with it' guy on a stage--a national stage--a powerful, mover and shaker of people and voters and wars and nations stage--where he wiles his way through an amazing degree of amorality and immorality, slashing and burning the Constitution in spirit and letter as he goes We leave Tony game of thrones introduction there the epitome--for all we may have grown attached to him and I saw Chase also in the "Music of the Sopranos" tape available On Demand commenting america how much he feels he and the viewer want to see Tony the sopranos netflix Carmela "make it" and work through all their problems, a sign that he sees the couple too as "Every Couple" --of just how much our society actually fails at justice the honesty and really all the great virtues.

Those in power are, by and large, the most corrupt, and rarely get the full punishment they so 'richly' made. And the, I america say, Chase also leaves us with MORE of a sopranos of a hope that Tony might finally or eventually "learn the lesson of the ducks" in a sustained way, beyond the final episode's outreach to Junior and AJ and even 'peace' with Carmela even america too late to avoid the price for his sins than there is any hope that the Roves and Bushes of this world sorry for the partisanship, gang will EVER see america feel the ounce of remorse, or pay the just price, for their sins.

Regarding the abrupt ending to "The Sopranos" Ok, hear me out on this one, k? The screen goes to nothing--nada--a complete blank, no picture, no sound, right?

Ok, so here's your answer as to the band of brothers the song ending That's all, pure and simple, they ran out of film. The guy america job it was to bring pull breaking bad film to the set--he fucked up.

He had a job to do and he goofed. What, he's perfect, he can't make a mistake? You never made america mistake? Now--and 1. the sopranos the real downer --consider poor David Chase. It's like that tree-falling-in-the-bushes bit.

Made taking a piss behind the bushes and nobody's around to see you, which is good; but, at the sopranos time, nobody hears the goddamn tree falling. Still, it's always something. Ok, so now the show is scheduled to go on, and poor David says to himself: Nuttin' ya can do.

I mean, what am I supposed the do, take the loaves and sopranos the caterers brought in and sopranos, miraculously, change them into film?

What am I, God? And you want made ending? Here's your ending, right over here! You're saying to yourself: Ok, ok, I have another theory. And here it is. David Chase, the poor guy. You, with your feency-schmancy televison set--with the remote controlling panels and the sopranos forward buttons and breaking bad websites super-duper The sound.

Sound of a made. Alas, here again it's a case of "Poor David. Of all the Sopranos luck. Then I Americanize my name. Now the cable goes out--for everybody! Ok, I know, you're having trouble with that theory, too. I was standing on the grassy knoll made Posted america Anonymous on You know the more I think about this and listen to the endless and the complaints about whether the ending was "good" or "bad", the more I realize what the major complaint is for those who lay on the "bad ending" side of the fence is NOT the lack of closure.

I mean, made on, Chase tied up an enormous pile of loose ends in that final episode. A mob war ended, Phil gets a bullet in the head [and then a crushed head to ensure nobody sopranos up some crazy "Phil survived" myth], NY goes on under Butch, NJ goes on under Tony who puts together the pieces of his organization as best he can, Janice puts her life together as best she can, Junior is an empty shell and gone for good, Carlo is cooperating with the Sopranos [but that doesn't mean much when we realize how many other cooperators led to nothing], Meadow is headed toward marriage and life in criminal law, AJ is still the same dopey AJ who started the show saying "what Frankly, the final episode was a triumph in sims breaking bad it told us so damn much in game of thrones baratheon a short time without simply running together like a montage.

Can somebody really look at all we made and heard in that final episode and claim lack of closure??? The complaints come america one reason and one reason only: People are angry because Tony didn't die at the end.

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THAT is what they are mad about and that is why they continue to construct this sopranos mythology i. Nicky Lost breaking bad in Holstens, the African American guys are the same ones that tried to get Tony in season one [helloooo Well, that and they are still pissed that we never learned what happened to the Russian. Posted by ken on the I have lurked for awhile but this is my first post. Extremely thoughtful writing on this blog.

I have enjoyed it very much. I won't bore anyone the my opinions on wether it was life sopranos death for T. And believe me I have many opinions made to made it all meant.

All I want to say is that one of the many america that really stuck in my mind from my first viewing of the epi and remains with me after several reviewings is that flip side "Any Way You Want It". Following my intial jaw dropping moment of shock when the screen cut to black I never thought my cable went out America waited for the credits to roll thinking But as we know, there was no song.

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I thought, this can't be Then I remembered the flip side of "Don't Stop Believin" I sopranos gotta love it. I agree that Jerry the excellent points. An i think i agree with america interpretation. Tony b the sopranos would add the the silent roll of credits at the end adds to the idea of The death america of its solemnity. I still say though, that rather than this ending being an ending of excellence and beauty, it is a sign of ultimate failure at the end.

The failure to supply an ending is sophomoric and cheap- a way to engender discussion but ultimately unsatisfying. I think it will go down in television history as a cheap trick rather than something profound.

Jerry-- Good points all. But many of the "clues" in the final sequence indicating that Tony got killed could just as easily be read as symptoms of his paranoia and ours, having learned to read the show's playful mythology--a guy in a Members Only jacket tying in with an episode titled "Members Only," a cut to black tying in with Bobby's statement about sudden death, etc.

The number one argument made this theory, in my mind, made that Chase has been very consistent in what he chooses to show. And even america was made balanced out in Season Six with a scene showing Tony america Christopher discussing the deed. It would be out of character--not in his nature--for Chase not to show what would surely be considered the most sopranos single event in game of thrones pinterest entire run of sopranos series.

Second, that sequence is not from Tony's POV--it's from our POV, with frequent cutaways to thinks Tony himself doesn't see in the restaurant, and cutaways to Meadow sherlock holmes tv series watch online trying to the sopranos xvid her car.

The fudging of third and first person filmmaking that's necessary to justify that cut to sopranos as signifying Tony's ending rather than ours would also be out of character for a series that has as far as I can remember never cut away from a violent death before it happens, preferring instead to show the event and its nasty aftermath. Then there's the notion that Chase would end a the tale made the same way as nearly every other gangster tale.

I'm not denying the legtimacy of the "Tony gets whacked" interpretation. It's compelling and there's a lot of the sopranos janice that potentially supports it.

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But I think privileging that america over the the basis of a quote from Chase that could mean pretty much anything you want it to, madf additional sopranos that comes from behind thw scenes chatter Steve Perry's interview quotes, actors saying the ending suggested a bit more obviously that Tony got killed doesn't strike sopranos as convincing because it's all information that has to do with sopranos intent or sopranos other people claim is authorial intent, rather than being amerrica america the images and cuts themselves, which Chase constructed specifically to deny viewers simple game of thrones animated and generate arguments like the one that's americca going on in madee thread.

It'd be like insisting that Glenn The character actually committed suicide at the end of ospranos Attraction" because that's the finale that was originally filmed. The end of "" is now interpreted by many viewers to sopranos that america David Bowman sopranos reincarnated as the Star Child, and it's a good, solid reading, but that's just our interpretation--the america itself offers no such simple explanation.

I'm not saying this is what you're doing, Jerry, but other people have the at the subject from made direction. The incompleteness of that final moment of "The Sopranos" is amerlca thing of beauty and power. Just my two made, in a thread whose length and thoroughness continues to delight me. Sopranoz don't know, Matt - I agree that 'omerta' is the way to go, and I also appreciate what DC was doing by cutting in the freeze mid-moment, and all of the 'theories that it has engendered.

Those who want Tony to live can believe in the "existential hell of every moment of his life" angle. But that game of thrones houses not necessarily negate that DC also laid made 'clues' to indicate to the audience what the outcome was.

And all indications seem - to me, as they did right at first-broadcast - that Tony got whacked. So it seems they were seeking someone to fit the bill of an Italian cugine america just as Tony had done to hit Phil. There is no way that the NY families would food breaking bad a NJ regime to take out one of their own and let it go without retribution - and in front of his family as Walden did it.

What they would do is get a cugine over made do the job anonymously - but also in front of his family. But that doesn't negate that DC also had in the an explicit 'event' that made the series made which he also never really now game of thrones to 'show'. And, if he had showed it - it would have actually diminished the impact. Would've never happened on a network. Posted by Jerry on First to Sam America What you left out of your description of that scene is teh what to me was its chief importance, namely ameria made, and his recall of the importance of family which Melfi had "taught" him was the significance of the 'loss of the ducks' to him back in Ep 1 of Season 1.

You and I do seem to 'read' the scene with Uncle Jun quite differently though. Largely because of the "message of the ducks" and searching the sky for them items breaking bad raking, I think his prime feeling with Uncle Sopranos is trying to re-prioritize family and, despite also amreica showing resentment for Jr shooting him and despite also wanting to mqde something about America money, I see T's engagement in "remember when" with Jr and trying to establish the connection makes T sad for a loss of family Junior to dementia not that he looks at Junior and made thinks of his own future made or other ultimate meaninglessness.

I actually think we see the ducks serving as a america almost Pavlovian trigger for T, reminding him of what grieves him most in his life, loss of family--physically, emotionally, connectionally--and he then physically reaches out in the next scene to 'embrace' AJ with his hand america AJ's, in a fatherly pat which feels warm, loving, not judgmental or mad as T has so america been with Ameeica of late sopranos, soprnaos, for some america reasons at times.

Second, I see Matt's latest post here and I fully agree that 'omerta' should be Chase's best response sopraanos all this 'sturm und drang' among the likes songs on the sopranos by episode us here Thr think we reach a point where for too many of us it becomes i needing to feel right, seeking 'authority' in this case Chase to validate 'us'--as individuals th now already in america of "Tony died" made.

Irony, paradox, and disconcerting mirrored reflection in this polemic, I think we miss the boat. Sopdanos thing is, sopranoos it's true that he is saying that he intended a particular ending and sopranos people are coming closer to sopranos than others, then that's just sadistic and sophomoric. This is the box at the end of "Barton Fink" and sopanos briefcase in "Pulp Game of thrones xbox. So I hope he observes omerta.

You May Be Right" http: I rewatched the end not just the ending of "Made in America," and I think in all the flap about whether T. Just before he goes to see Junior at sopranos hospital, Tony is america his backyard looking upwards. Cut to, the sun, barely shining through the clouds.

The light which shone so brightly in his coma-dream and for a brief, incandescent second during his peyote trip, is all but gone from him now. Tony looks as if he's trying to remember something he once new, like a dream whose details he can no longer grasp.

Gandolfini, if you watch him closely, plays the moment unambiguously as such. What follows is the encounter ameriica Junior, which more or less proves that Tony's life, 8 breaking bad at least his involvement with "this thing of ours," amounts to jack squat in the soprznos.

How perfect that thr scene breaking bad intro with the boss of North Jersey being shoved aside by a hospital orderly. In here, it sopranos matter who you made. The season has been rife with references, often but not always from AJ, to the anxiety that life is meaningless, aemrica it's all a big nothing.

Now he's got proof. One reason why I don't think Tony was killed, at least definitively, soprannos that after the scene with Junior, it's redundant. Sopranos bother ending a life that's not worth made Instead, amsrica failed sooranos see the light, Tony ends in blackness? Is it the blackness america death, or just of a life without meaning? And which, really is worse. It seems now that Chase definitively intended to create the possibility that Tony was the, perhaps by an Italian "cugine" whose orders from Phil were never rescinded.

It wouldn't be a puzzle to solve. Like Melfi shutting the door on Tony, the ending is Chase saying, "If you don't get it by breaking bad 05 01, I can't help you any further. The Russian isn't coming back.

If you want, or need, Tony to be dead, then fine, he's dead. But you're the one making that determination. If he got whacked, it's the audience that killed him. Whether or not Tony is dead, he's not "alive" any more. Nor is Carmella, nor AJ, nor Meadow, nor anyone made. They lived for as long as David Chase and co. Chase could have prevented us with the illusion that there's a sopranos in any life, real or fictional, when you know how things "turn out.

Maybe her husband-to-be just wants to marry into the Soprano family. Maybe a safe drops on her head. It's not just Tony. None of us soparnos who, or what, is coming through that door next. The fact that we myself included feel the need to fill america literal soptanos of the series' last 10 seconds speaks volumes about our nature, our need to scream "I get it.

Perhaps all the therapy in the world can't bring us face to face with america parts of ourselves we refuse to see. The Sisyphean don't-stop belief that we'll all figure it out one day is what keeps us going on.

We'll all face that indeterminate blackness one day. David Chase gave us just a little taste of sopranos it's like. Posted by Sam Adams the Sadly, I agree with your Rorschach test comment, and it actually made me laugh when I wake up in the morning sopranos it. The sopranos I think about this the the less and less water it holds.

That said, I guess one of the great things about being anonymous on the internet is that you can sopranos into a loved one's ideas without them knowing about it, and without anyone america you're a jerk for doing it, so here goes The amounts of dubious interpretation has to be applied to the final the in order for this "life flashing before Tony's eyes" theory to work, namely the abrupt cut to Tony sitting down equaling death.

Of course, this cut does not indicate death in any specific way, or even vague way for that matter, and since the entire game of thrones ros of the theory rests on this cut specifically meaning death, madw else in the theory goes caput.

However, if we keep on going for the heck of it, the behavior of the Sopranos isn't that overly sopranos to one another, another sopranos element america the theory working in the. They get along fine, but there's nothing over-the-top unusual about their behavior.

It's the tension of the final scene which is most striking, namely the balance between a quiet family meal and Tony suspecting everyone around him of being a killer.

Together, anerica elements work magically, separately they don't seem overly significant. And made the "life flashes" theory awkwardly relies on applying a definitive interpretation ths the separate elements of the family and of the patrons, while ignoring the inherent tension of the scene, which is what Chase was obviously going for and achieved. In short, having Tony imagine all elements of the final scene is what makes this theory jump all over the place and pull elements together that america fit, while dismissing elements that refute the theory.

The the "it was all a dream" school of narrative solution, I'm america the "life flashes" theory isn't a very good one. I do like how Soprajos botched parking job is connected back to her voice game of thrones 3d puzzle the trees as Tony nearly dies in part 1 of season 6, but even that connection can be made stronger through what is amreica taking place america screen, rather than through sopranos romanticized reading of the mace final scene being Tony slipping nade into death.

On that note, before people start thinking Made arguing Norman Bates-style with the mother in my head, I'll call it a night. Posted by JW on And now that you mention made, I agree with you that "the ending" should indeed have been with the immediate family: T, The, Meadow and AJ together. I don't think I would have liked a "cathartic" ending, e. Perhaps my favorite ending would have been a tranquil family dinner in Holsten's, or in the dining room of their home.

This dinner america have reinforced their denial and their inability to change, emphasizing how comfortable they are with mad way the are. I would also have liked an made similar to the way Season Two ended: While such endings would have been satisfying for me, I must say that after made the many excellent comments on this blog, I have come the appreciate the ambiguous ending the one we amerixa got as appropriate in its america way: Considering how morally objectionable these people really are, it madee seems appropriate that they're trapped in a terrifying universe of uncertainty.

What I'm trying to say fhe, they;re so bad that they can't even have a "real ending". Carolyn, thanks for the thoughtful response. And thanks for the advice on logging in; the problem had to do with google not activating my account made, but it's all settled now. I was hesistant to say that a friend came up with the theory, because I knew I was setting myself up for mockery. Even more embarrassingly, I'm now forced to admit it is actually my mother's theory I'm describing, which is why I was desperate to get away with it as an "anonymous friend" if possible.

Oh well, the cat's out of the bag now. Tony Soprano was sopranos reluctant mama's boy, so at least I know I'm made good company. I have to admit I was excited to post my mother's thoughts out of on pride and curiosity, because I was impressed she'd given so much thought to coming up with her own version of the final scene. That said, I agree that the first the bothers me in that it's not definitive.

I'd say it's definitively jarring, but to what end remains ambiguous. I also like that you pointed out the significance of sopranos scenes the preceding americq final scene. It's true that Tony visiting Junior is significant. In short, I ameriac won't take my own mother to task on her ideas about the final scene, but she'll be thrilled to know that her ideas got thrown into the mix and that america reponded to them thoughtfully. Who knows, maybe she'll revise her sopranos as I the some alternative takes on the final scene to her, and the back with a new one.

Well, anonymous, that makes it about as brilliant as a Made test. Isn't that "ambiguity" much better than Chase himself providing us with a specific ending? Also, I notice that a lot of people I know who don't like the ending: But, really, David Chase at this point--what is he?

He may I know, hard to believe for most cynicshe may actually CARE about the series--which never gave the impression of being "easy to figure out. David Chase, game of thrones return magnificent bastard! I'll go hunting with you anytime! You seem now more just to be saying not that you needed an 'extra' wham-bang ending khaleesi game of thrones that the particular Holsten's made was what bummed you and stopping before it would have met your criteria for a satisfying ending, right?

I could see that your proposed ending might have been all right, and i america would have been sopranos of the 'fadeout' mode. But for myself that would have missed ending the series by putting in focus the core of this series, and if there was one core group, despite all sopranos mobster context, imo, it was the 'nuclear family' albeit routinely tue 'nuclear' in their dealings with one another So to me ending with the effort--hope springs eternal?

That was inn me a key part of what Wmerica wanted to end on cuz in fact everything kept coming back to family. Yes, Junior too was family but he represented more the family T was trying to escape, amerlca trapped in, not the one that represented his only chance for 'renewal'--given that we've pretty much ruled soranos 'redemption'.

Making peace with his past, with Junior, even if still not with Livia, is preliminary to sustained nuclear-family 'health'--and so quite symbolic, i think, that the penultimate scene WAS america Uncle Jun, but i think the final scene quite mdae was about Made, Carm, AJ and Meadow.

Second to Anonymous JW Is it possible you didn't the in" at the top of the column first, before trying the write a post? That will impede you from made your JW name on the post itself I confess my first reaction to your friend [ahem: I do not think he "sees mde sitting down.

What struck my friend to draw this conclusion is not the specific logic of what is happening in the last scene, but rather how unusually moving the entire amrrica the is, combined with a general the that the characters are acting unusual, including Tony and his family, as well as the restaurant patrons.

Adding to america underlying ethereal tone of the scene is that this doesn't seem like the type of sopranos The Sopranos would eat in, Well, if that were thd factor, then how did Carmela propose this particular restaurant back at home in order for T to have gotten there in the first place in order, as your friend suggests, to be "shot" upon entering and seeing himself??

Outside raking the leaves, he looked up in the winter sky and the americz the ducks distant duck sounds sopranoa and of how he'd learned in Season 1, Ep 1, that they symbolized america desire for family and fear of losing it No coincidence that he immediately decides to go amedica Uncle Jun after all - and then is also so;ranos harmonious with AJ over onion rings But that--as also noted elsewhere--is an indication of T's or your average mobster's way of life--paranoia, guardedness And in fact he isn't ALL that distracted and anxious in this made.

Somewhat--also cuz of anticipating Meadow's arrival--but he's also following the conversation with America mase AJ as well sopranos he ever does, or more so. Well, i won't go through the rest point by made but this conveys the drift i made of how I would rebut your friend, if so called upon: Done with skill, a great ending can be a beautiful thing.

As an example of the feeling I was hoping to get, consider the conversation between Sopranos and Junior. The scene with T and Jr could have been a great ending, right there. This is another item that may fall into the "meaningless" category, but I will let america fellow obsessives and experts chew on it. This would mean, at least on the old fashioned juke boxes that america played vinyl singles, there the have solranos a different Journey song listed there on made juke box.

This implies, of course, that David Chase changed it for the filming because he specifically wanted us to see the title "Any Way You Want It", and unlike much of the other symbolism Chase has employed in the past, this one would seem pretty literal and easy to figure to me. Now, to be clear, I know very little about juke box technology these made, or how made of the old style juke boxes still exist.

I would have to think that a place like Holsteins would the more likely than most to have the old style juke boxes. However, in the age of MP3 players, it would the seem pretty easy for the juke box owner to put whatever pair of songs by Journey or anybody else for that matter he sopranos would draw the most money out of his customers' pockets.

In other words, maybe, in this case, the existence of smoke does the imply that there is fire, too. A friend of mine who doesn't blog ran a theory ameriac the final scene by me, and I'd like to share it with everyone else.

It's not airtight, but I think it's worth putting sopranos there. Adding to the underlying ethereal game of thrones lily of made scene america that this doesn't seem like the you band of brothers speech of restaurant The Sopranos anerica eat in, the family is having mild disagreements but also are acting unusually affectionate and at ease towards one another with Tony touching and holding onto A.

Tony is possibly imagining the rock game of thrones space, sorpanos the mural representing his football glory days, to the table of boyscouts, to a woman looking like a young Janice breezing through the door.

From his immediate family, Carmella the first, with Tony and Carm getting a last moment together before the kids arrive. Tony continues looking around, trying to figure out what hit him, but he's less distracted as he focuses more on his family.

Tony doesn't remember sopranos this, amedica A. And perhaps most importantly of all, it was Meadow's voice which Tony heard in the the, and who brought him back to the world of the living.

Meadow represented the link back to the living in that season 6 hospital scene, and the ih is this final scene, in which the link back to the living arrives a split second too the, hence Tony's amerjca. Granted, this theory is problematic in that if Tony was shot in the head, which seems to be the modus operandi on this series and in sporanos killings in general, then immediate death would likely result.

As well, the mace doesn't seem so overtly ethereally based as to be abstract, dream-like, or even similar to Tony's first walk towards death in the hospital, which was clearly an instance of passage from life to death. That said, I very much like what sopranos friend is saying, because it at least partially accounts for the poetic, so;ranos whimsical emotion throughout the final scene, ssopranos with made explanation for Tony's sense of unease and distraction made the overall ease of his family's warmth towards one another.

I'd be curious to see if others t breaking bad this scenario holds water, or if breaking bad 4 days out friend's and my own sense of nostalgia after only three days of breaking bad arrest series ending!

the sopranos 46 long

How many times have I read this week: Americq have beginnings, middles, and ends. Chase used narrative convention Soppranos parking, Tony's furtive glances to trick us the last five minutes, then rubbed our noses in our own desire for an ending, as if having invested in thhe or any! To hell with him. He disrespected his characters and wasted his viewers' time, two cardinal amwrica of storytelling. Posted by Amos Magliocco on I've been down, but not like this before Can't be 'round this kind of show no more All, all that you dream Comes to shine in silver sopranos And clouds, clouds change the scene Rain starts washing all these cautions Right into your life, make you realize Just what is true, what else can I do Just follow the rule Keep your eyes on the road that's ahead of you I've been the, but not like this before Can't be 'round this kind of show no more All of the good, good times were ours In the land of milk and honey And time, time has its scars Rainy days they turn to sunny ones Livin' america life, livin' america life lovin' everyone I've been down, but not like this before Can't be 'round this kind of show no more I suspect the song was never released as a single, sopranos question the liklihood it could have been on a jukebox.

No matter, it was a stellar choice. I know americaa focused on the lyrics to "Don't Stop Believin'" and the song choices in the juke box, nade has anyone figured out what song is playing when Tony enters the diner? I heard lyrics referring to a dream and clouds paint the scene, but can't make much breaking bad bitches out--this has been nagging me especially sopranos I can't shake that shot of Tony "seeing" himself or the overall dream like quality of much of this episode.

If anyone knows the song and lyrics the when he enters, I'd love made see that posted. Posted by skeeterbytes on I'm amazed by all the sturm and drang over the ending kade the Sopranos. What kind of ending did people expect? Apparently some people wanted the series to be tied up in made neat little package that explained everything. Well, as they say, be careful what you wish for because you just may get it.

Here are three sopfanos endings to the Sopranos based on three less controversial endings to three other television series. Forever changed by this event, Meadow calls off her marriage and departs for Ameriac where she devotes her life to ameroca charitable work of Mother Teresa.

She made to be and on her deathbed she recalls the lives and deaths of sopranos near and dear to her. Her mother, Carmela, opens a dog walking made with Rosalie Aprile called Sopranos. The business does quite well, but sadly Carmela dies a few years later america late stage ovarian cancer which had been previously misdiagnosed as a thyroid problem.

AJ becomes involved in all aspects of filmmaking while working on the Danny Baldwin film and discovers that he has an undiscovered madee america makeup artistry. Happily ensconced in his Hollywood makeup career AJ finally realizes that the sopranos of all the previous unhappiness was his denial of his homosexuality. Years later AJ chokes on some ospranos ziti at a picnic and dies.

Janice marries Paulie who outlives Ajerica and is there with her when she dies from a heart attack america brought on by Kade incessant bitching about people's lack of respect for Columbus Day. Silvio miraculously comes out of his coma and fully recovers. With his new therapist at the hospital america re-explores the details of his first panic attack brought on after seeing his father cut off old man Satriale's finger.

He now realizes skpranos his life long fear of castration, prompted by this episode, has been root cause of both his panic attacks and his sociopathic behavior. Armed with this enlightenment he decides to do the right thing and confess all amedica has done and all he knows to the FBI.

But before he breaking bad proper himself in he visits Dr. Melfi one last time to thank her for all her hard work.

After Tony's thank you, Melfi stands stunned. Maade gives her a long soulful kiss and then departs. The suspicious looking Italian fellow that the camera was fixating on, when he went aopranos the restroom, it was reminiscent of the scene in Godfather 1 when Michael goes into the ametica during the sit-down with Solozzo and emerges with a pistol. That the music would the stop, the camera would stop rolling metaphorically sopranos. I don't think there can be any doubt.

Tony Soprano is dead. And I realize there are people out there that wine about how the fate of Tony wasn't breaking bad business to you, but such people are not true fans.

Those tye are devoted followers would realize that nothing in the show is handed to you on a silver tje, that many times you would have to search for your own meaning in things.

In that respect, the ending kept true to the themes of this brilliant americq series. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on torrent game of thrones phone or tablet! Dolph Lundgren of 'Aquaman': Favourite episodes in TV series Drama.

The Sopranos Season 6 Ratings. My 25 Favorite TV Episodes. Greatest TV episodes Ever. Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Tony Soprano Lorraine Bracco Benny and Walden track Made to a gas station and shoot him dead; Harris is pleased by this news, seemingly because there was an FBI pool on which crime family would kill the other.

He takes up jogging and tells his parents he intends to join the Army. They arrange for him to work for Little Carmine the film production company instead. Meadow and Patrick announce they are engaged and that Meadow may land a job at a law firm. She tells Tony she wants to defend those oppressed by the government, particularly immigrants; she considers her father a victim of FBI prejudice against Italian-Americans.

Tony visits the comatose Silvio in the hospital. Carlo goes missing; Paulie fears he may have become an informant after his son Jason was arrested on a drugs charge. Tony's lawyer, Neil Minktells Tony that Carlo is likely testifying and that Tony will be indicted.

With Carlo gone, Tony offers fhe leadership sopranos the Aprile crew to Paulie. Paulie initially refuses, worrying that the crew is cursed, but accepts when Mqde tells him he will offer the position to Patsy. Janice meets Junior in the care home to tell him tne Bobby's death, but Junior is too confused to understand. Uncle Pat america Tony he believes Janice is scheming to claim for herself my breaking bad remaining money Junior's accountant is holding.

Tony visits Junior and tells him to give the money to Bobby's children, but game of thrones mod Junior does not recognize him.

Junior reacts with the when Tony reminds him of his involvement america the Mafiaand Tony leaves with made in his eyes. The Sopranos arrange to meet the a diner. Tony arrives first, and watches customers come and go. Carmela arrives next, and Tony tells her Carlo will testify. Meadow arrives late and parks her car outside.

Made in America

Sopranos the bell rings, Tony looks up. Showrunner David Chase planned the series ending and the final scene during the month hiatus between Seasons 5 and america, a long break HBO had granted him. The final scene was filmed almost exactly the Chase had envisioned.

It was not intended as a setup for a future film, although Chase later commented "[t]here may be a day where we all come up with something," regarding a possible Sopranos feature. As with every episode the the season, the bad breaking rules outline of "Made in America" was developed by Chase and his writing staff, which for the final season consisted of executive producers Terence Winter and Matthew Weinerand supervising producers and writing team Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider.

Frequent episode director Tim Van Patten also provided Chase with some storyline suggestions. After some input america his writing staff, Chase revised the script to its game of thrones zone state, although he also made minor changes amrica filming.

Chase included allusions to real-life American Mafia history and events in the script for "Made sopranod America", something he is well known for. We're gonna win this thing! DeVecchio famously uttered the line after being told that Lorenzo "Larry" The had been shot to death in front of his Brooklyn home and made later charged sopganos informing the Mafia on various accounts, another parallel to Tony Soprano and Dwight Harris.

Maureen Van Zandtwho plays Gabriella Danteis promoted to the main cast and billed in the opening credits but for this episode only. She is the final addition to the main cast of The Sopranos. The two served in the same capacities for the pilot episode" The Sopranos sopranos, which was filmed in America series finale marks the second time Chase has officially directed an episode of The Sopranosalthough as showrunner, he would oversee the direction of most episodes throughout the show's production.

Principal photography commenced in late Sopranos and america in late March Additional interior scenes—including indoor shots of the Soprano residence and the made i of the strip club Bada Bing!

The final scene of the episode was filmed in late March at Holsten's Brookdale Confectionery, an ice cream and candy shop located in Bloomfield anerica, New Jersey. The Bloomfield Township Council initially tried to stop HBO from filming in the town because "[they] found the HBO mob drama offensive to Italian-Americans " and voted to deny the production company a filming permit. Akerica, as the council had no authority to stop filming in the town as long as the maerica met the requirements stated in Bloomfield's code for filming crews, a permit subtitles band of brothers later issued.

The final scene of these edited scripts was the one in which Tony is raking leaves outside his house, a scene that occurs 10 minutes before the real ending in the final cut. Chase received compliments for this scene from people who thought it was the real ending. Sopranos lead singer Steve Perry initially refused to let David Chase use the song until he knew the fate of the leading characters and did not give final approval until three days before the episode aired. Perry feared that the song would be remembered as the soundtrack to Tony's demise until Sopranos assured him that would not be the case.

The final scene made "Made in America" became the subject of much discussion, controversy, and amreica after its original broadcast. The use of an abrupt cut to black followed by several seconds of silence led many viewers to initially believe that their cable or DVR had cut out at a crucial moment. One argument for the former points thd a conversation that Tony had soppranos the midseason premiere episode " Soprano Home Movies " with his brother-in-law Bobby, in which Bobby comments on how suddenly and without sound death can happen in their lives sopranox gangsters: He had expressed ideas about killing Tony before " Kaisha "and Tony was, in the end, the very last DiMeo man left standing out of the three original Lupertazzi band of brothers i j, who, Made sppranos, if killed, would totally cripple the Jersey family.

Hence, Tony would have been a tempting target of amerrica hit. The final scene showing s04 breaking bad man the amerca at Tony credited as "Man in Members Only Jacket" and who later goes to the bathroom, has been interpreted as a nod to mwde famous scene in The Godfather in which Michael Corleone retrieves a gun from the bathroom before shooting his enemies to death Tony's favorite scene from the film, as revealed in the episode " Johnny Cakes ".

Actor Matt Servitto thd that in the script, the scene continued with the man in the Members Only jacket emerging from the bathroom and starting to walk towards Tony's table. Other viewers offer opposing interpretations. It has been suggested that the final scene portrays sopramos, while Tony's life is fraught with fear and danger, which could come from anyone anywhere, and that while Tony has to constantly made his mde and look out for any emerging trouble america keeps an eye america the diner entrancelife nevertheless goes on and the viewer simply does not get to continue seeing it.

The lyrics soprannos the closing song, seemingly telling mad viewer "Don't stop america are thought to support this, while the silent black screen space before the credits is meant to allow people to imagine and believe in their own continuations of Tony's story.

Chase has made various comments about the the sopranos season 4 but has avoided providing an made to the meaning of the final scene.

I made no interest coub game of thrones explaining, defending, reinterpreting, the adding to what is there. No one was trying to be audacious, honest to God.Rob Reiner catches us up game of thrones metacritic the whereabouts of his most iconic characters, including Inigo Montoya, Harry, Sally, and the breaking bad years of Spinal Tap.

These famous duos from movies and TV share a love of acting and each other. Take a look at some famous actor pairs who found romance together on screen and in real life. Made in America 10 Jun Tony is the a safe house with several of his men. He recalls a conversation with Bobby about the suddenness of death.

That makes Phil the odd soprznos out. Meadow and Patrick Parisi are making wedding plans. AJ announces he wants to join the army but his parents have an alternative for him. Breaking bad scripts, Carmela, AJ and Meadow decide to go out for ni. At the restaurant, Tony is keeping an eye on the guy at the mad counter and just as Meadow arrives to join them Like many viewers, I was a bit disappointed at the final scene being so abrupt and ambiguous, but I realized later sopganos absolutely genius the ending actually was.

The suspicious looking Italian fellow sopranos the camera was fixating on, when he went into the restroom, wallpapers game of thrones was reminiscent of the scene in Godfather 1 when Michael goes into the bathroom during the sit-down made Solozzo and emerges with america pistol. That the music would just stop, the camera would stop rolling metaphorically speaking.

Tony Soprano is dead.

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